If I was blogging at nine years old you would be reading posts like this:


blog 1974-001-01

It was the last day in 1973. That was when we went to our cabin. The trail was long. Up hills. Down hills. In and out of the woods. My foot went down a mud hole. We went across a bog and finally reached our cabin. We came back in 1974 with five rabbits and a weasel. After that night I said I would never go up there again.

blog 1974-001-02

5 thoughts on “If I Was Blogging at 9

    • Yes, it was red-penned for not being indented. There were many more red marks on the next page. (But I still got a 9 out of 10!) Throughout school when ever I had to write something for a project it always came back from the teacher looking like it had the measles. Even today, whenever I post something on Word Press, I have to go back and remove all the red from the auto correct before I click publicize.

  1. Love this! It’s great that your work as a child was saved; it must be so fun to review and reminisce. 🙂

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