No, no, no, no, no!

No, no, no, no, no!

I have never tried green eggs and ham.
I never would.
It’s who I am.

I like to keep my things the same
Day in, Day out.
Don’t let them change.

The blogging challenge to help us thrive
Released a task
for this day five

Change our theme, a different look
a brand new page
in our blogging book

This task assigned, here’s what I think
I hate it so
the idea stinks

I will not do it! I will not change!
I can’t! I wont!
It feels so strange

I choose to skip, not do this task,
but what’s my excuse,
for when you ask?

A challenge forces us to try new things
to press beyond
to spread our wings

I guess I have this challenge to do
Like eating eggs shaded green

or blue

I will complain and moan and groan,
mumble and grumble,
my smile like stone.

I’ll do this task, I said I would
I won’t enjoy it…
don’t see why I should.


There! I’ve done the task, I changed the themes.
Guess what? I like it!
Or so it seems!

11 thoughts on “No Way! Never! Un Uh! Not Doing It! I Quit!!!

    • If you squint, turn your head sideways and stare, you can almost see the hint of a grin under the two green eyes, just make sure you do it with no one watching because squinting with your head turned sideways can make you look silly to anyone watching.

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