Your help is urgently needed  to find my Blog in time!

Each one of us are traveling in time, from past to present to future. Of course I cant be satisfied with that and will learn to do it backwards.

It would seem my first goal in reaching the past is to secure the financial needs of my present, freeing me to pursue the obsessions of my future. In other words I plan on inventing time travel to make myself super rich!

My scheme was simple, travel back in time, invent Pepsi, reap the profits gathered after 100 years and use that wealth to make reality my ability to travel to the past. The first step of my plan went off without a hitch. Check this entry in Wikipedia. Brad’s drink was a success.

blog 2014 005 01

So where are my profits? Future me should have really fact checked his research before scheming in the past. Maybe he would have learned Pepsi went bankrupt during the depression and was bought up by a candy company who’s name sounds a lot like my Mom’s maiden name. Maybe future me thought he’d try a second time to wrestle me a fortune from Pepsi. I don’t think he succeeded because 80 years of dividend checks have yet to materialize in my mail box.

So how will future me make present me rich enough to allowing future me to discover how to become past me thus allowing present me to become future me?  (Am I the only one who feels like they are spinning on a hamster wheel yet?)

The lottery!

Future me can uncover winning lottery numbers and give them to present me setting us both up with the wealth we require and fortune we desire. But why hasn’t future me done that yet? Maybe for reasons known only to future me he can’t simply approach present me face to face because it disrupts all reality. Maybe future me has already unraveled the fabric of space and time. Maybe he  has already been spending decades of his future time traveling attempting to make right again the things I will make wrong. Maybe that’s why certain things feel like deja-vu, over and over and over.

So future me’s latest plan to give present me the winning jackpot numbers without present me realizing that future me was scooting around in the past was set in motion in 2004.  Future me time traveled to my then place of employment to hide the winning lottery numbers in a mural I had drawn on the wall in the basement. That would explain many of the unexplained occurrences that happened during nightshifts there; locked doors opening, stuff falling off walls, things bumping in the night, the last cookies disappearing in the cupboard. The cat always seemed to look at me like it was freaked out. (Future me seems to be rather clumsy after time travelling and apparently still likes sweets.)

Six years later in 2010, past me, who at the time was present me, found those numbers and copied them down. So why haven’t I won the lottery? Future me, who seems a lot more absent minded then present me forgot to leave a clue to as to when those winning numbers should be used.

Looks like I have to think of everything for future me.  I hope he remembers me writing this. Using a pseudonym, I suggest future me, visiting the present time period, create a blog of his own. A blog with the subject of something that teases my interests. On this blog he can then leave the clues I need to secure his future to explore past. With his identity hidden we will never met, I will never know it for sure if its future me, we can prevent us from ever blowing up space and time, and hopefully, I will help me get out of whatever mess I am sure to have gotten myself into.

Here is were your help comes into the picture. I need help finding the blogs with subjects that tease my interest!

  1. Marvel Comics Reading Order
  2. Biblical Archeology
  3. Strange Natural Wonders
  4. Abandoned Graveyards
  5. and of course Time Travel

Today’s task for the zero to hero blogging challenge is to find and follow new blogs! I need your help in finding the one new blog I really need to follow. Do you know of any blogs that would match the topics I listed above? If so recomend it to me in the comments below.  You may be saving the destruction of reality!

And if you just happen to be me from the future reading this blog, I have a question. Any idea where I misplaced my copy of “A Feast for Crows?” I turned the place upside down and can’t find it anywhere!


3 thoughts on “Your Help URGENTLY Needed!!!

  1. Very creative post, as always! I just randomly slapped a few topics in my reader yesterday (although in my defense, the baby was having ‘a moment’ yesterday, and momma was a bit tired.)
    Biblical archeology is fascinating (says the reformed catholic/former atheist/current agnostic.) I think my favorite writing course in college was a hermeneutics course.
    Hope you found some great sites! 🙂

  2. Hahaha, I love the Pepsi thing!

    Anyway, I’m sorry to say that I don’t follow any blogs of the topics you mentioned. I hope the past, present and future you all the success in all your convoluted schemes! 😀

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