There are times after watching TV sit-coms I want to check my home for hidden cameras to see who has been recording my life.”- Brad


When I worked as a summer camp professional one of my co-workers was a fellow named Fraser. People often mistook us for brothers, but that was not the case. When a group would rent out our facilities they would occasionally mix us up the two of us so that more often then not I was mistakenly called Fraser. I would have to politely, yet firmly offer an explanation to the individual.

I am not Fraser!

I eventually left that career path to pursue other avenues and there were many things about that old job that I miss but the one thing I never have is having to remind people over and over my identity.

I am not Fraser!

Now most of you don’t know the Fraser I am referring too. When you hear the name Fraser you immediately think of  TV character, Dr. Fraser Crane, portrayed by actor Kelsey Grammer for over twenty years on both the TV shows Cheers and Fraser. If you thought it was him for whom I was mistaken for I just have this to say.

I am not Frasier!


I know a guy that doesn’t laugh at much. I was visiting him one day and as we hung out in the living room waiting for another friend to prepare supper an episode of Fraser was playing on the TV. When it was over my normally quiet friend was laughing so hard in a way that was very rare for him. I was amazed.  There are times when I make people laugh hard.

But, I am not Frasier!

The episode concerned Fraser, who along with his brother Niles, had joined a spa and thoroughly enjoyed the services offered until one day they discovered that there was a golden door, beyond which they were not permitted access.  They became obsessed with finding out what lay beyond that door and so great was their obsession they were not satisfied until they achieved their goal, upgraded there spa membership and now enjoyed the relaxation and rejuvenation services offered to the VIP members beyond the golden door. That was when they discovered a platinum door and the cycle of obsession started all over again. I am a very curious person but I don’t consider myself obsessive.

After all, I am not Frasier!

This is one of my favourite episodes of Fraser, in part because of how it made my quiet friend laugh, and also it was hilarious watching the two brothers trying to explore the secrets of the spa. I find the character of Dr Fraser Crane hilarious but he is not someone I would consider a role model. You would never catch me wanting to discover the secrets of a spa.

Simply because, I am not Frasier!

Then several weeks ago I met a woman who surprised me with her passion for her chosen career field. She is a spa owner and operator. I explained to her that the entirety of my knowledge concerning the spa industry came from that single episode of Fraser. I asked if her Spa had a golden door. She said no. After reading of the services her business offered and hearing her explain some of the techniques to help one feel rejuvenated and restored I found my self thinking a visit to the spa might be an interesting experience. And it may make a fun blog post someday. I doubted it would ever become part of my regular monthly routine like that of the brothers Crane.

Because I’ll have you know, I am not Frasier!

Last week, I was partaking in an activity that is part of my normal monthly routine; paying my cable bill. Each month I give the woman inside all my money and she gives me a smile and a receipt. I returned to my car, put the key in the ignition and looked up. For the first time I realized that the storefront next to the cable company was occupied by a beauty supply store. I had never noticed it before but I figured my recent chat with the beauty professional, skin-care specialist, spa owner and operator must have triggered something in my brain to notice now what it would previously ignore. Then I read this sign on the door.

Upon reading those words, two thoughts flashed through my brain one after the other. The first thought went something like this. How dare they say I can’t shop there because I am not a beauty care professional! I am not having that. I am going to shop there one day, just because they say I can’t. They are not keeping me from experiencing what awaits beyond that door!

The thought that followed made my heart sink as I realized how obsessed I had suddenly become. There in the parking lot I lowered my forehead to the steering wheel of my car and shook my head in disbelief and thought. Oh no, no, no, no, no!

I am becoming Frasier!!!!

Make sure you come back next Monday, readers. You’ll have a chance to send Brad to the Spa.

4 thoughts on “Thought 106: I Am Not Frasier!

  1. Frasier’s okay, but I think it is Niles that really makes that show. I love the episode where Niles decides to do yoga with Daphne to impress her. Funny. Good blog, Brad.

  2. Since I have neither never seen this sitcom..nor been to a spa ever.. I will go with line

    Go Fras(i)er Go!

    P.S: I didn’t understand a thing 🙂

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