Clicking on this page reveals to me you are a very curious person. The fact that I am the object of your curiosity causes me a little concern. Maybe I can distract you with a link to puppies.


You are indeed a persistent one, still here, still reading.

I could list all my stats here for you, fill you in on all the details; the who, what, when, where’s and why’s of Brad, but after reading them, several times over, you would know all about me but still not really know me.

Why waste time at that?

(You know it’s still not to late to click that puppy link! Click here!)

Since it seems you are not going away, let me share this with you. I was blessed with a creative childhood, an adventure-filled adolescence and a yo-yo ride of a young adulthood; all of which helped shape the way I see life around me.

I believe there is something to be learned in every story we live and something to be experienced in every story we share. For the briefest of instants I want you to taste the flavours of the experiences I have enjoyed. My desire is that it awakens in you, taste buds of your own, leading you to discover the feast of experiences to be found in your stories, then serve them up to all starved and hungry.

Is it really a banquet if we eat all the food alone?

(If you really must have puppies…here. Now go. Dish)

30 thoughts on “About Brad

  1. Hi Brad,
    I visited your web page and enjoyed reading your blogs. You have a gift for writing and the style, from all appearances, has an aspect of poetry. The page is well organised, even with a Contents, and I’m pleased to see that people like your blogs and are looking forward to reading your future posts.
    Now I take this opportunity to ask whether you can have me on your web page as a guest blogger to make a one-off blog for a charity called The Wisdom Trust. The blog itself is about 600 words long and is written under the heading: Introducing The Wisdom Trust – A Charity with a Difference. It is not one of those charities that’s appealing to people’s purse strings for money for it has its own innovative way of raising funds through online advertising. But its online educational programmes can be of immense benefit to visitors of your web page.
    In this respect I suggest you have a look at their website: http://www.wisdomtrust.org and then get on to me via my email address which you already have. Then, I’ll send you the post to carry on your web page as a guest contributor and we’ll take it from there.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.
    David Carter
    Wisdom Trust Volunteer

    • Thanks Mikalee,
      It pleases me to impress you… because you played a part in me being here. Your blog was the very blog I ever made a comment in and when you left a response, it made me realize something very important about blogging, communication happens here…and when something is freshly pressed, a lot of communication happens. It’s a little over whelming. My next goal if to find a way to be noticed by TIME… I’ve been learning from your example

  2. Oh it’s good to read up on some funny memories of the past my friend, Keep up the good work,

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  4. Hi Brad!

    I haven’t seen much from you lately so I thought this might be a way for you to get back into the writing “groove”. 🙂

    I’m writing to you today to see if you would be interested in participating in a blog tour. The subject is “Why I Write.” I got my invitation from Lori Schafer; you can read her post here as a sample: http://lorilschafer.com/2014/09/08/why-i-write/ It’s good exposure, of course, and a nice way for people to get to know the writerly side of you. You are one of my very favorite writers on WordPress. If you’re interested, I would need a bio to post about you for my site. Within two to three weeks after I do my post, you would post your “Why I Write” essay and the bios of three authors you’ve invited to participate in turn. I would also need you to reblog my post or link my blog to yours. I plan on posting mine the first of next week, probably Monday or Tuesday.

    I would appreciate it if you would let me know one way or the other. Hope you’re having a great week!

    Thanks Brad!

    • Hi Penny,
      Thanks for the encouraging words. I am never able to focus long enough to write during the summer months so look for some new postings from me later this fall. You can use me for your blog if you desire, I consider it an honour. Reposting your blog on my site is no problem, unfortunately though, it may not be until December before I get to participate myself.

        • Brad Locke has always been a story teller. Language class in Grade Four, hanging out with his childhood friends at the playground, babysitting his younger cousins or writing highschool exam answers, telling stories were always part of his early life.

          As an adult the opportunity to tell stories continued. Working with various youth groups, program director at a children’s summer camp, a support worker with individuals facing behavorial challenges, an occasional wedding emcee and a roleplaying gamemaster, stories being shared are a usual part of each day.

          With the internet revolution Brad chose to take advantage of the technology to share his stories with a larger audience and in 2010 began his blog, The Convoluted Menagerie (https://blockader.wordpress.com/). There, those who happen to stumble upon his blog from all corners of this round planet, plus his mom, get to read some of the stories he’s been sharing for years. (And an occasional one or two that he’s kept secret for just as long.)

          Brad currently resides in Newfoundland, Canada, has several books stuck in his head, randomly posts thoughts on Facebook and often wonders what he would be doing if this year was actually 1814.

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    We will read & review, you will see from our page we do things a little differently by focusing only on the positives and why you should read it, instead of a recount of what occurs….

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