At the drive-thru for the new donut shop in town I asked for my favorite, a vanilla zebra.

“The donut,” asked the guy inside the speaker box?

A real zebra would be cool, I thought, but there’s no way I could ever fit one in my car.

So in disappointment I answered, “Yes. The donut.”



5 thoughts on “D is for Disappointment

  1. Ha! Funny, Nice, lighthearted post and how did you ever find an image like that?? So where ya been anyhow? I miss you on my Reader and in my comments. But I stalk you on FB so you’re still not free.

    • It’s amazing what you can find with Google. (Or make with Google and Photoshop). I don’t do a lot of blogging between March and October. (Something to do with the increased amount of daylight.) I have noticed whenever I’m on Facebook I get this strange sensation that I am being watched, but no matter how fast I look around there is no one there to be seen. I’ll catch you yet!

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