Lisa is a local artist who some time ago posted this painting of hers online.

A painting I absolutely love.



She entitled it “Acceptance”.

Now I am no art expert but I’d like to share what this painting speaks to me when I view it.

As someone who in a few short months is about to begin the second half of my century on this planet, my opinion may be shaded by this reality. So observing this piece of art I see someone coming to acceptance with middle age and when facing the birthday cake, topped with a fire hazard of candles decides life still needs to be lived to the fullest and chooses to attack the second half of their existence with such enthusiasm and gusto, that they don’t just blow the candles out, but blows them completely off, along with the top of the cake, decorations, icing and all.

Let the party begin!

Now how does one pay for such a party? Fortunately, I have a plan.

Years ago when I was working at the Fish Bowl as a gas attendant, filling  cars and checking oil levels. One of my occasional customers was Lisa.  When she would have an extra two or three cents in her purse, she would stop in for some gas. Yes, two or three cents worth.

At this time I had no idea she was interested in art.

It was around that time she got a job in a donut shop downtown and when on the late shift, work for her wouldn’t end till 3 o’clock in the morning. Many nights when I was working the midnight shift ay the gas bar, I’d wave as she’d drove by on her way home. Occasionally, she’d stop in and drop off half a dozen donuts, leftovers that were about to be tossed out. Some nights there was a fancy donut piled high with whip cream and chocolate.  Sugar rush at 4 AM was always helpful to get through those last, long hours of overnight shifts.

One day I asked if there was anyway I could repay her for her kindness and all she wanted in return was pickles. She tried to explain to me the type of pickles that were her favorites. I was dumbfounded? There are different kinds of pickles? Oh the things I had yet to learn about food. Seeing that I had no idea what she was talking about picklewise she asked for a piece of paper. On the back of a credit card slip she drew for me a picture. A jar of her favorite kind of pickles.

C.1987 - The Pickle Jar

C.1987 – The Pickle Jar

I once heard a story about the painter, Picasso; true or not I have no idea. It was said he once desired some renovations and was discussing the changes he wished to make with a contractor. He sketched out his desired vision on a napkin. When the contactor agreed to do the job, Picasso enquired of the price. The contractor requested the painter sign the napkin and they would call it even.

When Lisa passed me the picture of the pickle jar, I thought of this story. I passed it back and requested she sign it. I’ve been the proud owner of that early original “Lisa” ever since. (And yes, she got her jar of pickles.)

So if I plan to celebrate the second half of my life in style, retire early and party with enthusiasm, how do I plan to afford such an enthusiastic jubilation of life? It’s time to auction off my collection of famous artwork. Starting with, “The Pickle Jar.”

We’ll start the bidding at $125,000.


Do I hear 130?

4 thoughts on “The Pickle Jar

  1. I love your description of what the painting says to you. I’m turning 40 in a few days and can really relate to your thoughts – blowing those candles and frosting right off the cake would be a great start to this new decade! 🙂

  2. That’s what I hear! I’m looking forward to seeing what the next decade brings my way. Wait – that’s so passive. In the next decade I’m going to takes what I wants! 😉

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