My Great-Grandmother Hannah Hillier & I


Just because you were born in the 19th Century doesn’t make you can’t be part of a selfie.

Hannah Hillier was born in Sep 1885 in New Harbour, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

Hannah and her brother Albert went to Boston at an early age after their mother died. Her brother Albert went overseas and fought in World War 1, married and stayed.

Hannah returned and married Herbert John “Jack” Newhook.

They had the following children:  

  1. Cornelia Frances Newhook (My Grandmother) 
  2. Tabitha Marie Newhook  
  3. Hugh Herbert Newhook  
  4. Ellis Hillyer Newhook  
  5. Albert Newhook (died as a child possibly as a result of hitting his head on a door while playing
  6. Rebecca Newhook (died as a child 1918)

Hannah died on March 23, 1955 and was buried in All Saint’s Anglican Cemetery, Dildo, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland.

Her headstone reads:

 Erected by  John Newhook  in memory of  his beloved wife  HANNAH  Died March 23rd 1955  Aged 69 years  Yet Tho’ thy Soul be lost to sight  to memory thou are dead.


8 thoughts on “Hannah

  1. Hi, This was so lovely to find. Hannah is my great grandmother also. I was hoping we could possibly connect as I am currently tracing my family roots and am coming to some dead ends that I am hoping you may have information about. Thank you in advance! Really hoping we can connect.

    • Hi Amanda, I guess that makes us 2nd cousins… how is Hannah your great grandmother? I’ll try to help answer your questions. There used to be a lot of information online, but recently it seems to have vanished from the Internet.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for getting back to me. I am the granddaughter of Ellis Hillyer Newhook, His daughter, Sandra Newhook is my mother. How is Hannah your great grandmother? I find she and I look alike, particularly when I was younger. Do you know if she had curly hair? I am running into dead ends researching certain parts of my family tree, this branch being one of them. I can find very little of Herbert John Jack Newhook. There is a very clear lineage of the Newhook’s online, it seems as though they were master shipbuilders, from what I have read, however I am unable to trace the Newhook lineage any farther back then our great grandfather. I have found some information on GenWeb for Newfoundland, and I have started a tree on ancerstry.ca however I find the site does not have good records in the province of newfoundland. Any way you could help would be much appreciated !!

        Thanks again,


        • Yes, John Newhook descended from those master shipbuilders. Charles Newhook Sr in the town of Trinity. I’ll have to see if I can find the list that connects the dots. As for Hannah having curly hair… I have no idea and I don’t remember Nan ever saying. My grandmother was Cornelia, Ellis’s sister and she married Donald Locke Sr of Grand Falls. If you like, add me on Facebook. It’ll be much easier to communicate there.

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