Brad may have been eaten by a dragon.
(He really needs to improve his two-handed weapons skills.)
We don’t know when, or if, he will return from the land of Skyrim.

In the meantime, since you are here, the Zero to Hero Blog Improvement Challenge’s task for today is to share a round-up of recent post that Brad read, These are a just a few of the posts that either made him laugh, made him think, made him wonder, made him question or in some cases left him scratching his head in bewilderment.

Hopefully among these links you will find something to fulfill your blog-reading needs in Brad’s absence,

So, while the owner of the Convoluted Menagerie works through his own recent dragon-born issues.

Please enjoy:

A Round-Up of Various Recent Post Brad Read Prior to his Possible Digestion

Click Titles to Enjoy

Frozen Pipes and Bottled Water

What Is a Dreamer?

Positively Splendiferous Companions

Filled with Hope (A Photo Journal)

Motivating Your Family:  Family Work Day


Night at the Museum… I Mean Venue

Brain Freeze and Frost Bite!!!

Have a Great Week-End  Everyone… and watch out for Dragons


“It’s a magic shovel,” the salesman said. “Dragon’s fear magic shovels, honestly!”





11 thoughts on “Brad May Have Been Eaten

  1. I think Brad is having some serious issues there. I hope he remembered to “save!”
    Oh, hey! I just saw my post mentioned. Shucks, thanks! (^_^)

    • Brad has been known to forget the save button on many occasion, and thereby actually plays the game twice. “I killed all the bad guys, raided all the loot, completed the quest, there is no need to save it right now, I am in no danger of dying” Brad said, just before he stepped on a trap activation plate and the spiked gate impaled him to the wall.

  2. Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! I am here, with my literal sword in hand (no really…this is not a joke..I own and wield and am good at real swords). I will rescue you, Brad! Send those telepathic 911 calls that I discussed in the ABOUT part so I can slay that dragon and sh*t… or at least trick it with dragon tranquilizers shoved in a hotdog. They fall for that every time. My blog is not complete without your sarcastic help.

    • I am not saying it’s impossible, but killing a dragon with a rapier? Wouldn’t you more likely earn the dragon’s thanks for reliving it’s muscle tension through acupuncture? Wait! A happy dragon may not eat me after all. You may have indeed rescued me. Oh look, and you brought hot dogs! Yummy!


  3. Thank you so much for the mention, missing Brad! I apologize for my delayed response, but it seems I had also gone missing. In my case, there was no dragon. Instead, I have been swimming through a sea of reports, fighting the impossible battle of people-pleasing, and using the remaining minutes of my days to sleep. Should I ever find time to reach REM sleep, perhaps I will dream myself a dragon tamer (my preference over slayer), and come to your rescue. 🙂

  4. If you get here and find the dragon has already eaten me, my suggestion is to tickle it under the armpits. If it starts laughing too hard it just may laugh me back up.

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