It’s day 22 of the 30 day blog improvement challenge titled Zero to Hero and today’s task is to choose a Blog Challenge then participate in it.

Adventure's End

Adventure’s End

I decided to go with an easy one, just because I could.

blog-2014-023-02Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

(This challenge has the kind of rules I like.)

“The idea behind this challenge is to show roads, bridges, walkways, stairs/steps, railtracks.  I also allow signs of any nature. Keeping an eye out for different Which Ways”

“Please, note that there is no specific theme for this challenge.  Your entry simply needs to be some sort of Which Way.  The possibilities are endless.”

There are thoughts to go with this photo, but I won’t post them now, because it wouldn’t surprise me if that becomes tomorrow’s tasks for Zero to Hero.

“Publish a post on the post you posted for the challenge we challenged you to do in order to do our challenge. “

I feel like I am living in a Russian nesting doll. 

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