Here is my post for todays Zero to Hero 30 Day Blog improvement challenge!

A log roll is fun…


What, I misheard the topic? Say it again? Ok, Got it.

Bog Rolls are Messy…


What? That’s not the topic either? I am coming down with a cold, my ears feel stogged. What is the topic again?

When the fog rolls in…..


No? This stupid cold!

When Hogs bowl…



A Dog In Seoul ?!



A Frog in a Hole!


Missed again?!?



I give up! I feel too sick to focus on this task. I am going to go lay down.
But before I do here is a Blog Roll of other peoples post that I enjoy.
You may too!

blog-2014-014-08blog-2014-014-09blog-2014-014-12 blog-2014-014-10 blog-2014-014-11

There are many, many more that I read and enjoy and I will be adding to this roll when I can focus better.

Stupid cold.


4 thoughts on “The Log Roll

  1. Oh no, you’re sick too? That’s no fun for anybody. Well, unless the NyQuil gives you funny dreams, Then it can be kind of fun.

    Hope you don’t mind, but I’m doing the sunshine award thingie and I nominated you! If you want to play along, please go to my blog to see the rules (http://wp.me/p49wMr-7Q).

    I hope you feel better soon@!

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