what is seen can not be unseen

what is seen can not be unseen

This blog title will either cause a flood of people to rush to my blog or a mass of people avoiding it completely. I suspect the latter.

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

It’s all part of the 30 day Zero to Hero Blog improvement challenge which today assigned the task of updating our about page so that our audience can know a little bit more of who we are and why we blog what we blog.

So if you were expecting me to strip… not going to happen, but I will lay bare why I feel the need to write, post, and share.

So for the curious among you, the inquiring, the questioning and the nosey, this is what it’s all about.




Clicking on this page reveals to me you are a very curious person. The fact that I am the object of your curiosity causes me a little concern. Maybe I can distract you with a link to puppies.


You are indeed a persistent one, still here, still reading.

I could list all my stats here for you, fill you in on all the details; the who, what, when, where’s and why’s of Brad, but after reading them, several times over, you would know all about me but still not really know me.

Why waste time at that?

(You know it’s still not to late to click that puppy link! Click here!)

Since it seems you are not going away, let me share this with you. I was blessed with a creative childhood, an adventure-filled adolescence and a yo-yo ride of a young adulthood; all of which helped shape the way I see life around me.

I believe there is something to be learned in every story we live and something to be experienced in every story we share. For the briefest of instants I want you to taste the flavours of the experiences I have enjoyed. My desire is that it awakens in you, taste buds of your own, leading you to discover the feast of experiences to be found in your stories, then serve them up to all starved and hungry.

Is it really a banquet if we eat all the food alone?

(If you really must have puppies…here. Now go. Dish)

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