My name is Brad, a single, white, introverted, Canadian male, with three gifts that lead me to blog.

The first gift is I remind everyone else of someone they already know.  Because of this I seem very approachable to strangers. Standing in some line, a person next to me will start sharing details of their life I am not sure is appropriate to be shared among complete strangers. On more then one occasion  the individual would stop halfway through their story and realize that I wasn’t so and so. I’d smile and confirm that was true, I wasn’t. This person, unknown to me would laugh, then continue on with their story as if I was the person they had originally mistaken me for. These encounters often provoke memories of my own often leading to story ideas and themes.

The second gift is an extremely vivid imagination. This was great as a kid, when, with no video games, no internet, no DVD’s and only 2 channels on the TV, we would spend hours making up stories and playing make-believe. Unfortunately, as an adult, its not so easy finding anyone who still wants to play make-believe anymore. Everyone is so serious, so stressed, so sleepy. To just gather around a coffee table with a friend or two and let imaginations soar out loud, to realms of what could be, lands of what if, or places of why not, is such a rare thing now. Having to focus that imagination somewhere, I often funneled it into the stories I share.

Finally, I have the gift of time travel. (Not physically, not yet, but, I am working on it!) My memory is not photographic, but it is the type that allows me to remember past events with all my senses. It allows me revisit that event in the past. I hear the sounds around me, I smell the fragrances in the air, I feel the sensations on my skin, I see the colours and taste the flavours. I don’t just remember that moment, I experience it, I relive it, I am back in that moment once again. This allows me to share a level of detail in the stories I share.

I choose to blog because of these three gifts. It’s tiresome having these stories playing over and over in my mind for me alone. Sharing them online gives me the freedom to let them go, to get them out of my head and for a brief moment enjoy the quiet that is left in their wake. And as you read the stories I choose to tell it may give you a glimpse in understanding why I am sometimes seen standing quietly by myself, away from the crowd, watching the world around me with the merest hint of a smile on my face.

Who Are You? Why are you blogging? Share with me in the comments below?

33 thoughts on “My Name is Brad and I Time Travel

  1. Brad, your time machine looks like a blast! I write using some of the same memories that you do, the smells, the way the sun felt that day, the feel in the air. I enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more of your work!

  2. It seems we share the same gifts; at least, of the gifts you’ve listed as having. I often call the times when someone seems to recall me as someone else, then continue with their story, as collecting moments. I collect their moments, remember them and later use tidbits to infuse my writing. Great Intro Post!

    • Thanks Cylithria, I often tell people if you are looking for ideas of what to write, just go and stand in place at the mall for 10 minutes. (Okay I don’t really say that to people, but I would if they asked.)

  3. Thanks for liking my post. Your zero to hero image is not click-able. Its not a big issue as its good enough. My post about image in side bar does tell how to do it though its not necessary.

  4. That would be another blogging idea, wouldn’t it – play make-belief using the blog. I’ll keep that in mind and you’ll be the first one to ask if I need a guest blogger.

  5. That was a great post! I would love to sit at a coffee table and create magical and mystical stories! That sounds fantastic and sort of like the perfect lifestyle for me! I look forward to reading more of your stories!

  6. Playing make-believe is great in my blog I’m trying to find peace -inner peace whatever that is and hopefully room in my head to allow me to use my imagination and be able to have time to myself and who knows maybe start writing. I look forward to following your blog – peace

    • Thanks tjs. That inner peace is a wonderful thing when you find it, Sometimes it means letting go of what ever it is that is taking it’s place and that’s not always an easy thing to do. Spend some time every day using your imagination. Even if it is just a little an I hope you enjoy my imagination as you read my blog.

  7. I love your first gift the most. I think I have it too. 🙂
    The other gift I have is that of half baked thoughts. The act of writing them down makes them coalesce into something of value.
    also i like the mix of informality and discipline that one has to inculcate when writing a blog. its healthy i feel!

  8. Thank you Brad, I too have a similar issue with people just pouring out their hearts to me in the strangest places, or telling me I look like some they know, One incident that comes to mind is one day I went to renew my license at the local Secretary of States office, one of the customer service women looked at me and said you look just like my aunt Rose, who has been deceased for quite some time, she said I even spoke like her. We talked she began to call me by here aunts name, I corrected here and told her my name and she responded….I know you are savannah now..but you were at Rose before now ever time I go there she won’t allow anyone to serve me, She recognizes me and she always talks to me about whats going on in her family…..sound strange?

    • It does sound strange, I never had anyone continue to treat me as someone else once I informed them who I was, except when I worked at a camp and one little 6 year old boy who couldn’t pronounce his R’s kept calling me Fwed.

  9. Really like your blog…lots. Just re-read and remembered why. Like you I remember all the imaginings…and even now on the underground to work I look at people and imagine stories about them. Get so absorbed I can be in danger of missing my stop sometimes!
    Anyway enjoyed what you said and how you said it!

  10. I could never understand people complaining about having to take the bus or subway (underground in your case). With the right imagination the trip can be so much fun! I just don’t recommend when you are the one driving behind the wheel.

  11. It is great to see so many responses. I would probably be the person in line to start a conversation. I get bored easily, so when I am not doing anything I am usually talking or writing. I also have a very good imagination. Our similarities end there as my memory is horrendous. I make things up to make up for what I can’t remember. This is another reason why I write: to remember or try to. I will re read journals and not remember who so and so is, but sometimes my memory gets jarred, especially if I wrote with detail.

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