Well, it seems that some people will be offended if I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Fine. To keep from upsetting anyone I just won’t say it.
Let everyone enjoy the day that a large portion of the world celebrates the Creator’s compassion for mankind, where the Son of God became flesh, and through the work of Christ’s death on the cross and his subsequent resurrection, provides a way for anyone – regardless of who they are – willing to accept and believe in t…his gift, deliverance from sin and death, a promise of life eternal, and the empowering through His Spirit, to live a life of freedom, full of peace, joy and good will no matter the circumstances you face!
So there, glad I didn’t say Merry Christmas?
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

3 thoughts on “Brad’s 2013 Christmas Message

  1. I really don’t think anyone you meet will be offended if you say Merry Christmas. I have never had a negative reaction when I’ve said it. How many people have you upset with the greeting? I think that those who make an issue of it are trying to stir up trouble by setting one group of people against another with the suggestion that there is a whole group of individuals who are saying we should not use the word Christmas. The implication is that all non Christians are protesting . I have met many non Christians who use it quite freely and think nothing of it. So why should we get defensive over a few politicians , store owners, reporters who because they are “politically correct” create an unholy ruckus in our Christian world? And the few religious zealots who would become upset over this holy holiday are not worth paying attention to.

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