I’m driving my car, the radio playing blues. I can’t help but sway my head to the music. It’s the blues.  I stop at the lights.  My head still shaking, guitars wail on. It’s the blues. How can I not move, move my head to the music? It’s the blues. People look at me weird,  moving my head to the blues. They look at me strange as I sit at the lights. Let them think me mad, let them consider me crazy. I couldn’t care less. I’m enjoying the music, listening to the blues.  I see them looking, I look back, swaying my head more to music they can’t hear. I grin. I’m listening to music, listening to the blues. At that moment in time, for what people think of me, I couldn’t care less. I’m listening to the blues. Waiting at the lights. Listening to the blues.

The light turns red.


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