===The Key===

-Part 6-


Chris was in his glee. He had the key to Danny’s room and a thirst for vengeance.

I retreated back to the safety of my own room, there rejoining my fellow co-conspirators. I explained to Rob and Kevin the deception that had just occurred. I had given the spare key to Chris and he would return it once he had completed his counter-assault on the person he mistakenly thought had hidden the two giant icicles in his bed a month earlier.

We waited maybe ten minutes before a light rapid knocking sounded on the door. Outside my room Chris was standing there holding out the key, mission completed. He was grinning wide and could hardly talk without laughing. “I got him!” He burst out. “I got Danny so good!” Chris bounced, adrenalin rushing through his system. “Yes, I got him!” I quickly pulled Chris out of corridor into the room, not wanting his declarations to travel throughout the hallways during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Inside, it took very little encouraging to get him to tell us his story. He explained it very eagerly.

I used the key to unlock the door,” he began. “All the lights were out and Danny was sound asleep. I didn’t turn on the lights because I didn’t want him to wake up yet.” Chris paused to laugh before continuing. We were listening anxiously to find out what happened next. “Because it was dark I had to feel my way into the room.” To demonstrate, Chris stretched out his hand like a blind man trying to find his way through unfamiliar territory.

“Finding his bed I felt for his face but realized I was at the wrong end and had my hand on his foot. So I moved up and found his face.” Chris outstretched his palm like he was grasping a basketball upside-down. Chris was laughing again and we were laughing with him. We could only imagining what was to come. Chris could hardly get his story out, shaking with fits of laughter. “He never even woke up with my hand on his face!”

On the verge of tears from laughing so hard, Chris explained his next move, re-enacting it as he spoke. “I had one hand covering Danny’s face and in my other I had a large pizza box filled with snow piled almost two feet high. So I shook his face saying, ‘Danny, Danny, wake up!’ He woke up and started to say something when I dumped the entire load of snow right into his face!!!”  Chris doubled over in spasms of laughter.

We were laughing too, though for a somewhat different reason then Chris. We dare not tell him it wasn’t Danny who he had buried in an avalanche of snow that night. Should the office ever question who had assaulted its guests Chris could never confess to the crime because he had no knowledge of ever doing so, he could only admit to pranking Danny if asked, and no one would be asking about a practical joke on Danny, because that practical joke never actually happened. If Chris was never interrogated concerning a matter that never happened he could never let it be know of our involvement of providing him the key in the first place.

As badly as we wanted to tell him who his victim had actually been we had to keep Chris in the dark, to cover our own butts. As far as I know, up to the moment Chris reads these words, he still believes it was Danny the was buried alive that night.

We congratulated him on a well executed plan, marveling at his creative use of the pizza box and slapped his back on a revenge perfectly performed.

ciWe then suggested that there was no doubt that Danny would be roaming the halls searching out his attacker, so the best thing for Chris to do now was to go back to the third floor and hide out  with the computer users  until the dust – or in this case, the snow – settled.  If Chris wasn’t seen, he could never be suspected. Chris agreed this was good thinking and like a secret agent made his way upstairs with stealth.

I closed the door behind him as he departed into his self-imposed exile of sorts. My partners and I started high-fiving each other with rounds of congratulations. We were responsible for defying the administration’s admonitions and practical joking our visitors. We had dared what no one else would and gotten away with it; our hands clean.

It was then a loud heavy solid knock thudded dreadfully on my door!


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