===The Key===

-Part 3-

The George Street Residence for Wayward Boys
The George Street Mission for Wayward Boys

We had the key. We had a target. Now we needed a plan of action. What could we do to these two visiting high school students guesting in our dormitory? Our discussion came to an end as we agreed upon the following strategy; a strategy that involved making our practicable joke not look like a practicable joke to protect our hides from retribution should the incident be reported to the office.

 I was to go first.

Outside Danny’s room, I could see under the door that the lights were out. Using the spare key that Danny supplied I unlocked the door and stuck my head into the unlit room. “Danny!” I whispered loudly into the darkness. “Danny! Are you here?” Silence was the only response. I flipped on the light switch and the darkness exploded with light. The two high school guests suddenly exploded from there beds shielding their eyes from the harsh, unforgiving light. I jumped back in apparent surprise and using my acting skills exclaimed loudly. “You’re not Danny!”

The guy in the bed closest to the door stared at me, confused as his eyes adjusted to the light, pointing at the ceiling and said, “Danny is up there.” I looked up at the ceiling and was about to ask if he meant Heaven, but the boy continued, “He is staying in Steve’s room.” The guy in the other bed, silent, just stared at me, no doubt trying to fathom who this stranger was  standing in what they thought was a locked room, keeping him from sleep.

I started into the explanation I had planned. “I am looking for a book Danny had.” I pointed at the bookshelf against the side wall and said, “there it is!” I grabbed a random volume off the shelf at the same time apologizing for accidentally disturbing them and then backed out the door, purposely forgetting to turn off the light.

As I walked away I could hear the sound of the door being locked behind me and the comment spoken from within the room. “I thought for sure I locked it.”

Back in my room my follow partners in crime were awaiting my return. I laughed as I explained the looks of confusion on the faces of our targets as I had cruelly interrupted their journey into dreamland. Rob and Kevin laughed with me.

Our plan was to wait fifteen minutes to allow our guests time to drift back into sleep, then once more Rob would perform a routine similar to what I had just enacted, only this time, looking for a cassette. This would then be followed by Kevin, fifteen minutes after that,  using the spare key to enter the room claiming to look for something that Danny had borrowed from him.

When Rob returned from his excursion we all laughed as he described the bewilderment of the visitors They had reached an even deeper stage of sleep then they had been in during my interruption. Their confusion was that much greater when the light brightened up the darkened room. They tried to explain  to Rob that Danny was not there, stuttering and mixing up their words, informing Rob that Danny could be found upstairs in Steve’s room.

Kevin was eager for his turn to disturb the sleeping beauties, who at that time, were probably double checking the door, making sure it was securely locked. We started the next fifteen minute countdown to when Kevin would interrupt our unsuspecting visitors.  As the countdown continued, the conversation turned too a much darker more dangerous bent. “You know,” someone suggested, “we should really do something more then just waking them up. We should be spraying them with shaving cream or pouring ice cold water over them.” We had all been thinking it and with the spare key it would be an amazing opportunity.

--- Cohorts and I ---

— Cohorts and I —

If it had of been any regular student staying in Danny’s Room that night we would of risked it, but these were special guests of the administration. We had to play it safe. Since these trips were arranged by the office to promote the school and recruit enrollment, the warnings had been these guest were to be treated with all courtesy and total respect. Embarrassment, of any kind in this matter for the administration would lead to the outpouring of wrath upon the heads of the perpetrators, a fearful, furious and quite possibly a final wrath. It was this fear that prevented us from upgrading the level of our practical joke beyond that of mere annoyance.

 But, we wanted to. So badly! It was fun, doing what we were doing but it just wasn’t as satisfying as we hoped. It was reluctantly agreed to that to do anything more then the petty disturbances we were currently perpetrating would be to risky. A risk we weren’t willing to take.

 “Unless… we convinced someone else to do it for us.”

 The room went silent.

 I started to smile, which drew the attention of my cohorts.

 “I have an idea!” I chuckled, then ran out the door into the night.

===To be Continued===

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