Dad always has raspberries growing in the backyard. This morning, the first one to ripen appeared. I took it’s picture. Then ate it within seconds of snapping this shot. RIP TASTY RASPBERRY!


2 thoughts on “The Last Seconds of a Lonely Raspberry

  1. Great photo.
    It’s odd that I had encountered a similar thing recently.
    I was walking with my wife and two kids and saw a single ripe, wild strawberry.
    This berry was about the size of a marble.
    Now, what to do?
    Share? But with whom? I can’t split such a small berry four ways (or even in half).I couldn’t envision a reasonable solution.
    So I shouted, “Look! Is that a moose?” and while everyone was turned away scanning for the moose, I ate the strawberry.
    By doing so, I think I prevented a fight. I’m really a great dad.

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