I had no intentions of watching the Grammys, just as I was about to turn on the TV they introduced Bruce Springsteen and it was the first time I heard that song, so then I was about to turn of the TV again when Bruno Mars played. I enjoyed the song so much I posted on my facebook, then it became a running commentary on the Grammy performances. I repost it here in its entirety:


I never knew Bruno Mars’ music could be such fun.

Chris Brown’s performance, without a safety harness…I am sure that violated numerous workplace safety regulations. I was waiting for him to trip and fall off that mountian of blocks

Kelly Clarkson and the cowboy hat guy proved one thing…he certainly wasn’t lip syncing when his mic went dead.

They made the Foo Fighters play outside…I guess their t-shirts didn’t meet the dress code for the actual cermonies, still, by the end of their song they had my feet a tapping.

I don’t even need the sound on to enjoy Rihanna’s performances. just saying

The song Coldplay just performed reminded me of whenever I buy a used game at a yard sale… I always end up looking for a “pair o dice”

The Beach Boys; finally some songs I know the words too and can sing along with loudly…grrrrrr! the neighbours are throwing boots at the side of the house again. :\

Really tapping my feet to Paul McCartney’s Valentine’s day song… my floor is very cold and I need to warm my toes somehow.

An emotional roller coaster: The Civil Wars—Yes!!! I was estatic!!! I could listen to them for hours! Noooo!!!! What do you mean they are only playing for a minute!!!!!!! I was furious! But then Taylor Swift was playing a banjo! and there was fiddles! YESSSS! The thrills returned! When I was a teenager I would have never believed that I would grow up to love banjo’s and fiddles so much! It just needed a clay jug!

At first, when everything went black, I thought Katy Perry broke the Grammys… but it turns out she was simply smashing…smashing, get it? Glass went everywhere.

Adele: Goosebumps!

Watching Glen Campbell got me thinking, if it wasn’t for many of his songs when I was a kid, my knowledge of US geography would be sorely lacking! Witchita, Galviston, Phoenix…which will be helpful if i ever get lost in america

What can I say about Tony Bennett… hmmm? I got nothing. He was even before my time

Jennifer Hudsen did an amazing rendition of I will always love you…but unfortunately it shows that no one will ever sing that song again like Whitney… for that we are all a little poorer.

First I made sure there was no recording devices operating in my place then I danced… hey isn’t that what ur sposed to do with dance music? Look, the foo fighters are wearing jackets now and they still won’t let them in the auditorium…oh no! How am I ever gonna sleep tonight after seeing that deadmous5… I think I’ve seen that creaature before in my nightmares

WELL WELL WELL, after watching Nikki Minaj, it looks like that creepy deadmaus isn’t the thing thats going to keep me up wide awake, cowering in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks alot Nikki *checks under my bed and makes sure my closet door is barred shut*

I liked the fact that they had Paul McCartney close off the grammys, but it seems to me there was something missing in his performance… offhand I would say it was John, George, and Ringo. Look! they finally let the Foo fighter in the building!

Well, I enjoyed watching the grammys with everyone, I am off to sleep, as long as Ms Minaj stays away.


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