Twenty-five years ago a friend had video-taped the movie “Red Dawn” off her cable TV movie channel. We all gathered at her place to watch it and with about 20 minutes left to the movie, the VHS tape she had recorded it on ended. If we were actual pirates our ship would have sunk long ago!”Brad, remembering one of his great unexpected disappointment



Unless you have actually watched your jet’s engine explode into flame in mid-flight there is no way to accurately describe the feeling of dread that drops the bottom out of your stomach. Your brain screams that it’s just a dream and refuse to accept the reality of what is happening around you. Even as the plane tilts in a sickening drop and you see an unfortunate soul several rows ahead fly upward and  strike the over head bin head on with a sickening thud, a thud clearly audible above the screams filling the cabin, one scream which is no doubt your own, yes, even then you still reject that this is actually happening to your flight. Other planes crash… never yours!


I am thankful to be alive to this very day.

Life is sometimes like this blog, you want the full story, the complete details, but most of the facts are hidden from you. You must move forward, basing your next move on incomplete information. You have to make hard choices without knowing the full truth. Do you risk making a foolish decision, opening yourself to possible ridicule and scorn because you don’t have the full details of a situation, or do you refrain from making that important choice and miss out on some beneficial life-changing defence. Do you stop in fear or move in faith? Life would be so much easier if we had the full story but we can’t stop living just because we don’t.


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