Not every guy stuck in the middle of a riot is an idiot, just saying.” –Brad


I did not take this photograph, the credit goes to freelance photojournalist Richard Lam.

This has to be my favorite news photos of 2011.

Your injured and surround in a rioting mob of angry, vandalistic hockey fans facing off with armoured police.

Never waste a single opportunity to make out.


8 thoughts on “Thought 92: An Example for Us Guys

  1. Great picture! Where did you find it, and what piece of news is related to this? I don’t think I recall any hockey riots but then again, I usually don’t pay that much attention to sports related violence. Which does not mean I don’t care, I think it’s terrible what these hooligans do but I guess I got used to it in some weird way.

  2. I remember this photo – they were interviewed all over the news. He couldn’t leave her side because she was unable to move. There friend took the opportune time to click the picture. It must be love! I wonder if they are still together…

  3. I hope they are still together, I guess eventually we will learn the whole story when the hollywood picture is made. (Which wouldn’t surprise me if someone eventually turns this into a hollywood picture.)

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