Bradley! Stop drawing on your textbook and pay attention to class!!!”Various Teachers that Brad had from Kindergarden to Grade 11 –


Yes, I am of the age where my reading began with the adventures of the siblings, Dick and Jane. An experience that many people older then me share. If Dick and Jan taught you to read, raise your hand.

*Looks around the room and sees the hands in the air of many of my generation.*

Yes, me too.

Now put up your hand if Dick and Jane taught you to draw?

*Looks around the room again*

Am I the only one with my hand up?



I recently found the old Dick and Jane reader I had used as a kid and several things struck me as I flipped through the pages.


First, I don’t think I enjoyed sharing my colouring books as a child. I must have handed this book off to my younger sister, convincing her it was a fancy new style of colouring book with the colours already added so you would know what crayons to use. Looking at the colour choices she made I don’t think she quite grasped the concept. So you can probably understand my reluctance to let her anywhere near my actual colouring books.

The second thing I realized was that this is where my love of comic book art must have first manifested and I began to teach myself how to draw. See how I would look at the picture and then render my own version of the scene?


 As a bonus, I wrote the following story!

See Brad draw.

Draw Brad Draw.

Draw! Draw! Draw!

 As a second bonus I have a challenge for all you budding artists out there.

Below is a photo of me doing something. Do your own rendering of the scene and send it to me. In a future post I’ll display them.

5 thoughts on “Thought 93: How Dick and Jane Taught Me to Rea… Uhmmm, Draw

    • Sheena, I wish I still had my high school history text book, then I could display all the historic pictures I doodled on, showing the many ways I changed world history. It’s almost as fun as having a personal time machine and a willingness to wreak havoc with the time stream.

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