Wow! My visitor map has the measles.” –BRAD

This being the start of a new year, it seems the most appropriate time to say thanks to everyone who visited my blog in 2011.

I’d list you all by name, but with the way I type I am sure to spell many of your names wrong and that would just lead to animosity between us in the upcoming days . Instead, I’ll just post my visitor’s map below, and leave it up to you.

I am sure you can find the red dot indicating yourself on my map. Make sure you point yourself out to all your family and friends as well as random strangers you may stop in the streets.

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2012 be unlike any year you have had in the past, full of pleasing surprises, unexpected discoveries, serendipitous encounters, joyful reunions, unknown friends and cold clear water and once in a while a loud enjoyable burp.

Plus, don’t forget to check back here once and again for an occasional smile, a possible laugh and ensure your red dot on this year’s map


If you visited last year, one of those little red dots are you! (DOUBLE CLICKING THIS MAP WILL MAKE IT BIGGER!)

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