On hiatus!

As I get ready to begin the 2nd half of my 210 thoughts… Yes I have reached the halfway mark… It’s time to take a brief hiatus to refresh and recharge. I half several big stories planned. Some never before seen oldies. Plus the ocassional surprise that pops up out of the blue. I am even going to try some never before tried- on my part- activities just so I can share my new experiences here with you.

One such activity I mentioned last week is going to the Spa.

Kim is the owner/operator of the Sheer Heaven Spa. She provided me with a small list of several services that her business offers that she thought might be suitable for my experience. Now, I am not sure which one to choose so I am leaving it to you the readers to decide for me.  Read over the services listed below then vote on the one you think I should experience. The poll will run all week.


1) Deep clean facial for men… using products designed to remove dead skin cells and thoroughly clean the pores, this facial leaves the skin renewed and rebalanced.

2) Back facial…this hard to reach and oft- neglected area will be given a deep-cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask to balance the skin.

3) Man hands manicure… your hands say a lot about you. What is yours saying? Treats nails and cuticles and softens the skin.

4) Hair and scalp massage… Helps to relieve stress and tension, improving the condition of the hair.

Place Your Vote:


5 thoughts on “On Hiatus

  1. Wow…..you are quite the planner. I wish I was. I just wake up and write, which makes it hard on boring days. Come back soon.

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