Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Grrrrrrrrr! Brrrrrrrrrr!” –Brad

For those of you who read my blog and have never yet experienced snow I have one thing to say.


Regardless of what you may think.


10 thoughts on “Thought 115: Are We Having Fun Yet?

  1. Brrrrrrrr… Just the sight of snow ( in pics or video ) makes me shiver.

    Wonder how people live under such heavy snow cover. I’m not sure whether you get to see the Sun often, that must be really tough.

  2. My solar lights on the lawn were bravely flickering last night. It was beautiful – the light reflected upon the bright white blanket, showing every nuance and bend and dip in the snow. It was undisturbed, for the moment. The neighbourhood kids are going to be playing on it soon enough.

    How these lights ever got enough sun to give out their little beams of light, I will never know. We really don’t get much sunlight in the winter. Still, it was gorgeous.

    Maybe I won’t feel so affectionate toward the snow AFTER I shovel out my car from said snowfall…

  3. Full of agreement. I’m in Norway, and first snowfall sometime before christmas is soo pretty…Then the weeks and months go by and the coldness, impassability and lack of sun is just awful.

    • People say, Newfoundland, where I live is a lot like Norway and I agree with you. The first snowfall always looks pretty. It’s the fifty-first snowfall that drives you insane.

  4. BBbbraaaaaddddd , iiiitttt isss aaaaa sssssuuuppppeeeerr cccchhhiiilllyyy ppppiiiicccccc

    (LOL, Didn’t want to annoy you but it was me with shivering teeth) … giggles

  5. I am so sick of snow! There are snow mountains growing all over the city…makes it hard to see around corners when driving!

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