IMPORTANT NOTE FROM BRAD: Before reading this blog go get a marker and keep it handy. Go ahead and get it now, I’ll wait.


No really, go get a marker, I am waiting!”-Brad 



A Week of Kisses



It was Christmas Eve when we shared our first kiss. Due to circumstances that year we were both spending the Christmas season apart from our families, alone. But since we were spending more and more time together it, choosing to share Christmas Eve together was an easy decision to make.

The snow was falling lightly outside the window and the room was warmed by the light of the flames blazing in the fireplace. We lay in front of the fire watching the flames dance over the logs. You commented on how everything looked so beautiful and then turned to face me and said, “Now you just have to kiss me.” I am not so dense that I can’t take a hint. If Saint Nick had peeked in the window that eventide he would have smiled at our silhouettes kissing in a backdrop of flame.

Looking back at that kiss I feel there was one thing missing. A huge warning sign screaming, “Please ensure that your safety belts are securely fastened. This roller coaster ride is about to get wild!”

Not every relationship works out the way we plan. What starts with such a perfect romantic kiss ends with loud banging on the door in attempts to get one’s microwave back.

You are left angry, frustrated, despondent, hurt, disappointed, sad, depressed and morose. All hope feels gone. You never want to feel anything this bad again so you start setting up defences to make sure you never do. You shut yourself in, close everyone out, start doing stupid things to either overpower the few feelings you still have or to trigger the ones you have already numbed. You roll your eyes at those claiming to find love and give them a sarcastic cheer and a fake hooray. “How wonderful,” you lie. You decide you will never need love and determine never to allow yourself to be put in such a horrifying place of hopelessness again. And from day to day you survive.

I’ve been in that place, and in spite of the kisses you have read over the past seven days, I’ve been in that place a lot and on a daily basis alone, dealt with it. But then, once a year that idiotic holiday rolls around, Valentine’s Day and mired in hopelessness it just makes me want to rage. Scream at the top of my lungs and yell to everyone, “Don’t be so stupid, It’s all hopeless!”

This point was meant to be the end.

When I started this “week of kisses” theme in my blog a week ago. This was how I had planned to conclude  it with my rant against today, blasting anyone silly enough to celebrate it. But I have  to add something for those of you still reading and especially those of you who feel that same hopelessness.

I am wrong.

Did you hear me? I AM WRONG! PEOPLE! WRONG

It is never hopeless. Whether you find yourself single or in a relationship alone. Whether you kissed more people then you can ever remember to count, or are still wishing for that first kiss of love. It is never hopeless.

All may feel hopeless this minute but remember in sixty short seconds a brand new minute begins and you have no way of knowing what that minute will contain. You may be introduced to someone new. You may make that check-out person in the store smile with a witty comment. You may have to share a seat with someone on a bus or stand in the cafeteria line-up with a stranger. It could be someone clicks like on your newest blog post, or even something as simple as accepting a friend request on Facebook. All these things can happen in less then a minute but that could be the one minute in your life that changes everything. It is never hopeless.

Now I want you to take your magic markers…remember I told you that you’ll need them. Scroll back to the top of this blog entry and where I titled this post “Hopeless” cross it out and in it’s place write “Hope”. Then shut off your computer and see, no matter how dark things get, Hope remains.


6 thoughts on “Thought 116: Monday’s Kiss: Hopeless

  1. Hopeless romantic is more like it. I never knew you had the romance gene… I always pictured the ‘banging on the door demanding a microwave’ gene. Just goes to show that everyone is 3-d, no matter how much you think you know them.

  2. Thank you, as always, for the humor, but also for the soul boost! I’m so glad you’re sharing your writing with the internets/blogosphere!


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