If the world was really like it appears in television ads, the Superbowl would just be another football game.”-Brad

A Week of Kisses

I had purchased my first pack of sugarless ice gum that afternoon. For years I had scoffed  the commercial that indicated that if you bought this gum beautiful strangers would pull you into their arms and kiss you out of the blue. I wasn’t going to fall for the hype. When I finally bought that brand of gum it was for three simple reasons, I was in the mood for some gum, I was tired of juicy fruit, and most importantly, it was on sale. That day I took a walk on the wild side and purchased gum without sugar.

That spring evening we were two friends watching TV together. The television set was positioned in a way that meant the one of us who was stuck on the wrong end of the sofa would end up getting a bad neck while watching the TV show. Now, I guess we could have simply adjusted the television set but instead we decided that it would be much easier for us to share the same end of the sofa. So we cuddle together in the electric glow of  network programming.

That close to you I was glad I had picked up a pack of gum that afternoon.

You kindly offered me a sugar-free candy from a pack you had in your pocket, and after getting rid of my gum I graciously accepted. I love hard candy and like to make them last savouring the flavours. So fifteen minutes later when the show took a commercial break, that candy you had given me was still slowly melting in my mouth.

You turned to tell me about a movie you had recently watched but couldn’t recall who starred in it. When you did I realized I had never been this close to your lips before, mere inches from my own. On impulse I leaned in and did something I never thought I’d ever do. I stole a kiss. Too my surprised you kissed back. It wasn’t a long kiss. It wasn’t a deep kiss. It wasn’t a passionate kiss. It was kiss; short, warm, and tender.

You giggled and turned back to the TV. I smiled, though you couldn’t see me, and my first thought was, that ad had been right. I should have bought that sugarless gum a long time ago.  Then I realized my candy was missing. You giggled again as the sound of crunch filled the room as you bit down on the very candy that I had been enjoying for the last quarter hour. I may have stolen a kiss but you made sure you stole my candy.

6 thoughts on “Thought 117: Sunday’s Kiss: Sugarless

  1. This one’s cheesy like a scene out of a typical bollywood ( Indian ) movie. I like this stuff.

    Hmmm, I am writing to the Food ministry to consider importing sugarless gum.

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