When it comes to secrets, regardless of how embarrassing they may be. Some people can’t help but share. I just wish it wasn’t my secrets.” -Brad

A Week of Kisses

That night in late November we parked on the shore of the lake where we had first kissed months before. A light dusting of snow powdered the boughs of the spruce trees and coated the ground in such a way that the whole world glowed around us.  We talked and shared and laughed. When our words ended we found another use for our lips and the glowing world outside us vanished as windows steamed.

We both jumped and one of us screamed (and I truly hope that was you) as a loud knocking sounded on my window. Every urban myth and slasher movie cliche flooded into my head as my heart beat raced even faster then it had while you were kissing me. I looked at you and have never seen anyone look so scared as you did at that moment.  Then I caught sight of my own reflection in the rear view mirror and realized there was one person who looked more scared then you. I was prepared to sacrifice myself to allow you the chance to escape.

We jumped once more when the knock sounded again, louder and more determined. I wiped a small circle in the steam from my window and peeked through. I expected to see a hook for a hand, or a goalie mask, maybe a large axe or a wildly bearded madman. What I seen was much, much worse – but at least it wasn’t your father. “Who is it,” you mouthed silently, scared and gripping my arm so hard that blood flow no longer reached my fingers. I looked you in the eye and took a long deep breath to calm myself then mouthed back a single word. Police.

I rolled down the window and poured on the charm. “Good evening, officer. It’s a beautiful night isn’t it?”

He laughed; probably because he knew that with the way my windows were so badly fogged up I had no way of knowing what the present weather conditions could possibly be. Asking for my driver’s licence and registration he proceeded to tell us of the dangers of carbon-monoxide poisoning and that he was checking on us to insure we hadn’t succumb.  Pleased that we were alive he wished us an enjoyable evening and was on his way.

How embarrassing that was, still, we laughed about it as I brought you home and agreed it would remain our little secret, our own funny little story. No one else need ever know.

By the next morning everyone knew.

I walked into work the next morning and was greeted by a co-worker who had a huge grin on his face. “Brad,” he chuckled in front of everyone there. “I heard you had a run in with the cops while parking last night!” The entire office laughed. My face burned as I knew I must have looked beet red. I wanted to sink through the floor but the skill of phasing through solid objects was not something I had yet possessed. 

“H-how did you know about that?” I stuttered.

My co-worker laugh. “My father told me this morning.”

“Your father?” I had met the elderly man a time or two before but that had been months ago. “How did he know about that?” I asked completely stunned.

“Last night he was in the kitchen having a cup of tea while listening to the police scanner when they radioed dispatch to run a check on your license plate number. All the officers had a good laugh when he reported back what was going on. This morning at breakfast, father ask me if that Brad fellow still worked with me. Then told me what he had heard.”

The office laughed again.

Some people have no regard.


Oh and for my blogging buddy Narendra  who is probably getting tired of reading about all these kisses, here is a link to one of my archived post about something completely different.


9 thoughts on “Thought 118: Saturday’s Kiss: Regardless

  1. Hilariously told! I found myself suspecting what was coming yet trapped in a whirlpool of suspense anyways. The humor is fantastic- what a day-brightening read! And at 11 p.m., that says a lot.

  2. yyayaaaaayyyyyyyy yyaaayyyyyyyyyy…
    It’s just that in this part of the world we don’t get to kiss someone that easily or frequently. For that matter neither have I ever kissed anyone nor any girl has kissed me yet.. Ahhhhh…”Ripley’s believe it or not” moment for you..Believe it

  3. LOL at your story and Lol at your reply to Narendra!! So far, that was the best kissing tale yet. Looking for Sunday’s…….

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