If I am given the choice between kissing or breathing, my mind will always choose a kiss, unfortunately, my body will always choose air. Grrrrrrr, stupid body!” – Brad

A Week of Kisses

The rain was unusual for the first week of March, but when it turned to ice, that evening, the world was transformed to glass. Everything was coated with glitter and the roads were too slippery to drive. We found shelter with a group of others in a large room;  a warm, dry sanctuary from the freezing rain outside. It was our refuge, within to wait  for the snow-ploughs and salt trucks that would make our roads safe once more.

As the night stretched on the lights in the large room were dimmed. When music played over unseen speakers we slow danced together. Even when the music stopped we continued to sway; your head on my shoulder and my arms around your waist. Around us storm refugees drifted off to dreamland and nodded off to sleep on the floor.

Then the lights went out.

In the pitch black we curled up together as the ice storm raged outside. In the darkness your voice whispered in my ear, “Kiss Me.” My lips eagerly found yours and in the middle of a crowded room unseen by everyone around we kissed.

You took my breath away.


I couldn’t breath.


Never has a single kiss left me so utterly breathless. I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t do anything, nor could I think straight as the entire world around me spun in the darkness and my lungs burned for air. I panicked and pulled away. As my breathing ability returned, I focused on not gasping.

The only other time I experienced anything remotely close to that was when my saddle fell off a galloping horse and I was thrown to the ground. When I tried to stand up there was no air left in my chest and I fell back to the gravel and lay there until my lungs re-established themselves with heaving gasps and much, much wheezing.

That is how powerful your kiss was.

That night I should have leaned over and told you that, but I was young and stupid; a teenage boy unwilling to appear the least bit vulnerable, unable to share that your kiss could have had such a profound effect on me. So I pretended as if nothing had happened. For you, in the darkness, it must have seemed as if I had vanished in the middle of that kiss.

We never danced again.

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