Deep in the wilds the great cat stalks its unsuspecting target. Relentless in its pursuit, silent in its movements, it waits with determined patience. Then suddenly, without warning, it lunges upon it’s hopeless prey. In the drama of the wild, it’s foolish for me to think that I ever play the role of the cat.-Brad

 A Week of Kisses: Relentless

 Since school ended that year it was a very wet summer and when my place of summer employment floated away in a flood it allowed me the opportunity to attend youth camp. The weather changed briefly that week in August and it was hot. It was as if two months of summer was squeezed into five August days. With so much heat under so much pressure it was inevitable that something would explode. I had no idea it was going to be you.

All that week I had my eye on your sister. I didn’t realize that whole time you had your eye on me. So it came as a surprise when on that second last night of camp, you walked over to where I was sitting on the cement wall and asked if I would like to take a walk with you around the campgrounds. I smiled and before I could say anything my buddies pushed me off the wall and you quickly grabbed my hand, firmly and away we went.

We walked around the camp, nodding and smiling to the other couples we passed doing the same thing. Sometimes we talked, other times we walked in silence. Your hand was very warm in mine. I would try to think of stuff to make you laugh and you would giggle at everything I said, even the stuff that wasn’t funny. The stars came out then the curfew bell sounded. I walked you back to your cabin and at your door I turned to tell you I enjoyed our walk and to have a good night.

That was when I thought you tripped.

More accurately, what you did could be better called a lunge, or a pounce or maybe even a leap. You threw your arms over my shoulders and leaned your body against mine with enough force to knock me off balance. I had to take a step back. To keep from falling on the seat of my pants I had to reach out and grab you around the waist which only pulled you closer. My back hit the door of your cabin with a thump. I started to say something and half the words were out of my mouth when the sudden rush of your lips on mine made me realize there are times I just need shut up and enjoy the moment.

Your lips were warm and soft and very hungry. The sound of the approaching night watchman cause our lips to part much too soon. You giggled as the door to your cabin opened. Your sister, with a big smile on her face, reached out and pulled you inside like a happy rag doll. The door slammed shut and I could hear more giggling, laughter, applause and an occasional whoot-whoot from inside.

The beam of light from the approaching night watchman’s flashlight snapped me back to reality. “You!” he shouted threatenly. “Stay where you are!”

With the memory of your lips fresh on my own I outran the nightwatchman that night and reached the safety of my own cabin, relieved that his pursuit was nowhere near as relentless as yours.

10 thoughts on “Thought 121: Wednesday’s Kiss:Relentless

  1. I swear this exact same story applies to anyone who had a “date” at Youth Breakaway. Walk laps around the complex, sneak a kiss before getting caught by security. Well said! 🙂
    Also, I enjoy the quotes at the beginning of your posts lately. I’m enjoying how you quote yourself.

    • Camp ended and I never talked to either one again. (Remember this a time before cell phones, e-mail, twitter or facebook and carrier pidgeons weren’t always reliable)

  2. You got to take a walk with a girl… you got to kiss the girl.. and you also outran the watchman… You won Brad! I am sure you are a proud man for that one incident. Giggles 😉

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