Posting yesterday was insane. It felt like I was trapped in yesterday’s blog forever. For those of you who managed to make it through all 15 episodes of  my Groundhog Day experience, I give you kudo’s.  (Especially if you figured out what was going on!) For those of you unsure what was going on, I suggest you watch the movie Groundhog Day first, then go back  to yesterday’s blog and read them through again. As for me I think I need to just take it easy and soak my head in a pond. Not just my head I think it would be good to soak my feet in two oceans, too.

So for today enjoy this picture of me standing in both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

getting my feet wet

9 thoughts on “Thought 127: To Soak my Feet in Two Oceans Too

  1. Yeah we’re going to need a bit more prose before we buy that two-ocean malarkey. A picture on the internet does not truth make 🙂

      • Technically, I never said I was a doubting Thomas. I just wanted more detail. I prefer “disappointed optimist” to “Skeptic”…har !

  2. So yesterday I was confused at first, but caught on fairly soon. What confused me was that there were links to thought 128 posted in Facebook multiple times. I was wondering why you keep posting the same link. Then I noticed that there were different numbers at the end, so I started with number 1, and kept reading throughout the day. I was wondering if it would ever end! Version 14 made me laugh a lot. When I realized that it was multiple versions of the same story (and noticed that it was February 2) I immediately thought of the movie.
    Thanks for an entertaining groundhog day!

  3. Haha! Nice picture! 🙂 And yesterday was great. Did you happen have Sonny and Cher playing over and over in your head as you posted? Thanks for the laughs!

  4. Ha ha ha!

    If I ever turn that story into a film that would be the perfect song to have playing in the background of each scene. “I’ve got you babe!”

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