Did he catch or didn't he?

I think by now, if you haven’t completely forgotten about it, you are wondering what I actually did about the woman I seen blowing in the wind last week.  If you missed it, or need to refresh your memory, click here.

Today is the day I tell you what happened.



The alarm sounds and I crawl out of bed. I feel the house shake a  little; another windy day. My car warms up and I am off to work. The morning is uneventful. On my lunch break I head to the grocery story to pick up several thing to have for my noon meal and pay for it with a gift card I received last Christmas.

I exit the grocery store with my bag of groceries in one hand…  It is very windy and I have to lean forward to make my way into the wind.  I hear the sound of clip, clip, clip, clip, coming towards me on the pavement, I look up to see a tall, slim, blonde woman, trying to keep her balance as the wind blows her across the parking lot… The wind is so strong she is unable to stop. She has a worried look on her face.

I have three seconds to make a decision. 

I decide not to ignore her plight as I lean into the wind and stretch out my free arm and hook her around her waist as she blows by. I scoop her to safety, allowing her to lean her back against my chest, bracing her against the wind. Then with my chin over her shoulder I whisper into her ear. “You are safe, I have you now. ” We stand there as a sudden stronger gust of wind blows past us with no effect. She giggles, snuggles into me, turns her head towards me with a smile, kisses me on the check and calls me her hero. She offers to reward me by buying me lunch, which I graciously decline, explaining that I have to get back to work. She asks for my number and I smile, laying my bag of groceries on the pavement. I punch my number into her mobile phone. I return to work, happily whistling a cherry tune, but when I arrive I realize I left my groceries back in the parking lot and no longer have time to retrieve them. I do without lunch and become irritable. I end up mouthing off to my supervisor who fires me on the spot . She refuses to give me a reference, leaving me unhireable. I can’t pay my bills, which does not please the phone company.

I never get her call because every time she dials my number she gets a message saying this number is no longer in service.

No one will like me after this after sharing this.  😦

This is now the worst day of my life!


groundhog 13

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