Did he catch or didn't he?

I think by now, if you haven’t completely forgotten about it, you are wondering what I actually did about the woman I seen blowing in the wind last week.  If you missed it, or need to refresh your memory, click here.

Today is the day I tell you what happened.



The alarm sounds and I crawl out of bed. I feel the house shake a  little; another windy day. My car warms up and I am off to work. The morning is uneventful. On my lunch break I head to the grocery story to pick up several thing to have for my noon meal and pay for it with a gift card I received last Christmas.

I exit the grocery store with my bag of groceries in one hand…  It is very windy and I have to lean forward to make my way into the wind.  I hear the sound of clip, clip, clip, clip, coming towards me on the pavement, I look up to see a tall, slim, blonde woman, trying to keep her balance as the wind blows her across the parking lot… The wind is so strong she is unable to stop. She has a worried look on her face.

I have three seconds to make a decision.

 I decide not to ignore her plight as I lean into the wind and stretch out my free arm and hook her around her waist as she blows by. I scoop her to safety, allowing her to lean her back against my chest, bracing her against the wind. Then with my chin over her shoulder I whisper into her ear. “You are safe, I have you now. ” We stand there as a sudden stronger gust of wind blows past us with no effect. She giggles, snuggles into me, turns her head towards me with a smile. That’s when I notice an Adam’s Apple, 5 o’clock shadow and a very deep voice that says, “Thanks, Dude.” I turn and run blindly, slamming into the storefront like a fly on a windshield, bounces off landing on the seat of my pants clutching a broken nose and and a cracked tooth.

 I shower and shower for days but just can’t seem to get clean.

No one will like me after this after sharing this.  😦

This is now the worst day of my life!


groundhog 11

4 thoughts on “Thought 128: What Did I Do About a Woman in the Wind? 11

  1. I see that you posted this as a “Completely Made Up Story,” but it brings up a good point. How we enter into an experience (emotionally) can play a big part in how we feel about it in the end.

    For example, you see a “a tall, slim, blonde woman” and wonder (in Thought 135) if you should “stretch out my free arm and hook her around her waist as she blows by, scooping her to safety, allowing her to lean her back against my chest, bracing her against the wind, then with my chin over her shoulder whisper into her ear. ‘You are safe, I have you now'”?

    Those elements point to a man fantasizing about being a hero to a woman he finds attractive. Hence, when the appealing woman turns out to be a dude, there is discomfort because you know what your initial intentions were.

    However, if the person’s appearance had been hidden by an oversized, hooded rain coat and you decided to reach out and grab them to be of assistance anyway, I don’t think the gender of the person would have resulted in the same embarrassment.

    Is my rambling making any sense? LOL.

    • Margaret,

      The set-up was real, so I guess it’s not completely made-up. The results are the many different ways my imagination worked out ways that hero-fantasy of mine could backfire convincing myself sometimes its better off not trying to be a hero in the first place.

      But as I was writing this senario, the thought did cross my mind, what if it had of been someone completely different on that parking lot that day. Would I have even bothered to post about it last week?

      Probably not. But then, I wouldn’t be stuck in this insane blog that never seems to end. There has to be a way this situation can work out for the best? I can’t keep writing this blog on groundhog day over and over and over.

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