Stephen King, the not quite so famous one, is my cousin and back in December we agreed to do a guest post on each other’s blog. I had the chance to share how I felt shopping in the Mall during Christmas was a lot like being trapped in the large bowel. If you are brave enough to read it you can check out the post on his blog here.

I am pleased to say he has written his post in return and it is my privilege to present it here for the world to read. It gives me the chance to take the day off from blogging and I think I’ll spend it all day laying in bed…or at least that was my plan until I read what he wrote. Now, just to avoid the possibility of bed bugs, I feel I have to get out and do something risky.

One year ago almost to the day I had a brand new experience in life: I was the proud recipient of a plaster cast. I had never definitively received a broken bone before, although there was speculation that I had a fractured thumb when I was 12 years old. I never had an x-ray taken or wore a cast for it, which is why I won’t call it a definite break. I wore a cast on my right arm for about 5 weeks last winter.

I told the kids at the church that I had broken it while training for the Winter Olympics, which is why I wasn’t able to compete this time around. They didn’t buy it. The real reason behind the fractured wrist is much more mundane. I was dropping my kids off at the sitter’s house and instead of using the one step on their front porch, I decided to leap that one step. I landed on a very small patch of ice and as my feet propelled out from under me, I tried to brace my fall with my arm. My body came tumbling down on my overextended right arm and I popped a small bone in my hand. It hurt… a lot.

After a day of numbness in my arm, a trip to the doctor, a sling, another week of severe pain, a very awkward attempt at using a snow blower, and a second opinion from another doctor, I ended up with a certified fracture and a very terrible cast, complete with jagged bumps and sharp edges. Once I saw the specialist, they gave me a much nicer cast.

My injury last winter was the result of a split-second of stupidity. Why jump the step in icy conditions when I could just as easily take the one step and avoid any chance of slippage? Or for that matter, why climb a rock that was the target for glass bottles? That only leads to a story of injury and the resulting stitches. People seem to get hurt doing foolish things… or even mundane things. My parents gave me a desk calendar for Christmas this year that has some of the dumbest things ever said or done. Today’s entry talked about the number of Brits they were injured in 2009 from eating cookies. The list ranges from burns to bites to getting poked in the eye.

I am beginning to realize that life is dangerous. You can burn yourself as a firefighter or you can burn yourself dipping your cookie in hot tea. You can break your hand snowboarding a double diamond or you can break it dropping the kids off at daycare. You can poke your eye out learning archery or you could poke it out eating a cookie. You could stay at home all day trying to avoid the risk of injury only to slip in your own shower. I think there are a lot of people who try to go through life with the least amount of risk and hardship as possible. I think that because I am one of them. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing lost,’ could be the motto of this low-risk lifestyle. But the reality is, getting out of bed in the morning is a huge risk. Anything could happen in the run of the day. Accidents, bad news, cuts, scrapes, bruises, failures, loss, broken hearts, hurt feelings… all these things are possibilities on any given day.

Of course, on any given day you could experience love, success, acquisition of a new skill, a new experience, a deepening of a friendship, mended feelings (or injuries), or any number of enriching things.

And, the third choice is to just stay in bed to avoid it all, but that will lead to atrophy, bed sores, and bed bugs. Not to mention a serious case of bed head.

I once heard a man say that you can greet the day one of two ways. You can say, ‘Good morning, Lord!’ or you can say, ‘Good lord, it’s morning!’ Slowly, ever so slowly, I am trying to move toward the former approach, bumps and bruises included.

Check Out More Stephen King Here. http://srcking.blogspot.com/

5 thoughts on “Thought 129: Spending All Day in Bed

  1. “Good morning, Lord!”

    I really enjoyed today’s blog. Enjoy your ‘day off’, Brad!

    PS. I never did comment on your guest appearance in your cousin’s blog, but I loved it. I laughed so hard at that story.

  2. Cool post! I came here on a whim from a shared liking of another post (didn’t yet realize I would be reading from a guest blogger), and I am so glad. Getting poked in the eye, though? Come on. : )
    Anyways, great post! Now I’ll go peruse some more.

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