=To Catch or Not to Catch=

I think I need some advice about a situation I faced the other day. I am not sure of the proper way I should have handle such a situation, and it has been bothering me ever since. I would appreciate your response on this topic, so please leave a comment, add a suggestion or complete the poll.  What is the proper way to handle a woman in the wind?

Here was the situation:

I had just exited the grocery store with a bag of groceries in one hand…  It is very windy and I have to lean forward to make my way into the wind… I hear the sound of clip, clip, clip, clip, coming towards me on the pavement… I look up to see a tall, slim, blonde woman, trying to keep her balance as the wind blows her across the parking lot… The wind is so strong she is unable to stop. She has a worried look on her face.

Here are the options I have and only three seconds to decide.

#1: Do I stretch out my free arm and hook her around her waist as she blows by, scooping her to safety, allowing her to lean her back against my chest, bracing her against the wind, then with my chin over her shoulder whisper into her ear. “You are safe, I have you now”?


#2: Let her blow by and splat against the front of the grocery store?

In this day and age, what is the appropriate thing to do with only 3 seconds to decide?

Your help please?

If you have any suggestions, add them here.

If you are wondering what I actually did when I was faced with this situation, I’ll share that at a later date once I have had a chance to consider your reactions and suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Thought 135: What Do I Do About a Woman in the Wind?

  1. I vote splat. Personally I’d rather eat wall than be grabbed suddenly by a stranger. That would completely freak me out, leading to potential handbag swinging and high pitched squealing. Besides.. heels? In that sort of weather? *shakes head*

  2. Under the circumstances, I think it’s acceptable to help before the accident rather than afterwards. It’s often quicker and less painful for both of you (picture dagger stares as she flies by you as you watch her date with a wall).

  3. It’s hard to say without being in the situation for myself, judging the severity of the weather and the consternation on the woman’s face. But jesus, if she’s going to hurt herself, throw your arms around her and go for the heroic whisper into the ear, I say.

  4. [Confused–>aha moment–>repeating to world..:o)]

    Generally I’d say stretch and scoop, mister, but on days you’ve been heavy on garlic it would perhaps be prudent to bring a fishing net to the store for those just-in-cases when a distressed laydee flies by.
    Splatting is just gross and bad advertisement for everyone involved.

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