I think sometimes we take for granted that our world will stay the same between the time we get up in the morning and the time we go to bed. That’s not always the case and in that time between dreams, the suddeness of change can take you completly by surprise.

Just check out how things have changed for me, below.


Brad crawls out of his bed and prepares for his day


The day draws to a close and Brad prepares to retire for the night.

Did you catch how much my world changed?

(That’s right, I got a new shirt!)

11 thoughts on “Thought 138: The Suddeness of Change

  1. Brad, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :). Your comment literally made me laugh out loud.
    Your blog looks interesting – 210 thoughts .. nice. Will soon try and catch up with your other posts:)

    About your pics: Pic#2 looks like your day just started as compared to Pic#1.
    But a great thought above there.

    • I hope you enjoy what you read as you catch up. As for my 2nd pic looking like the start of the day I’ll just say this…because I work a lot of shift work, some days I don’t really wake up till it is time to go to bed.

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