I think for the next little while, on Saturdays, I’ll share a selection of the blog posts I’ve enjoyed over the past week.

Check them out!

Selection 1. Relations between China and the USA have been in the news this past week. Is it really that big of a deal? You decide.


Selection 2. How would you spend your last 60 minutes of life? Make up your mind, quickly! The clock is ticking! It’s like an episode of “24”!


Selection3. What can I say? …I like Legos.


Selection 4. Watching this video makes me want to rush out and renew my passport.


Selection 5. An amazing little girl tells the incredible story of the day she was mauled by two rotweillers in her own words.


Selection 6. Just watch the video…trust me…just watch!


Bonus Selection. Just because you may have missed it before.


11 thoughts on “Thought 139: Saturday’s Selections #1

    • I don’t know if I would call myself genius…I know former teachers certainly wouldn’t. Keep the funny crap coming and I’ll keep reading.

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