Part Two of Two (Read Part One here first if you must)

I think if one chooses to surf, one must be willing to accept both the joys and heartbreaks that decision may bring.

(What!?! I can’t think the same thought twice?!?)

Surfing of another kind

Surfing in the sink is fun, yet, there is also the  joy and delight found in surfing the internet. Just going from page to page clicking things you never considered clicking before. Never knowing where you’ll end up from the page you first begin with. Finding things that spark your interest, so much so, that you take the time to google it to learn more.

My favorite delight in surfing the internet is finding something that sparks a memory from my childhood; stumbling across something that triggers a long forgotten memory and brings it rushing to the top of my brain in vivid detail. Such as the “1969 Hot Wheels VW Beach Bomb with detachable surfboards”. It was finding the image below that inspired me to share yesterday’s blog, where I tell how I once had that very toy vehicle in my very young hands before loosing both very plastic surfboards forever down the very sink-like sink. Finding this picture, a piece of my childhood, made me smile. Oh the joy!

The 1969 Hot Wheels Beach Bomb

 I should have stopped right there.

But no! I had to let my curiousity take me deeper; force me to google “beach bomb”, study the wiki, scan You-Tube and finally enquire on e-bay. It was there, on the auction site, I uncovered this.

500$ Beach Bombs on e-bay

$500.00!!!  Half a grand for that toy car with detachable plastic surf-boards!!!  If I had bought 40 of them at $0.75 a piece in 1970, I could trade in my $30 of dinkies today for a brand new 2011 Toyota – with working brakes.

All because I didn’t know when to stop surfing, that childhood memory is now tainted and will remain as such for as long as my brain stays dementia-free.

No longer will I remember two colorful plastic surfboards swirling down the drain in a whirlpool of tap water. From now on I’ll see five $100 bills vanishing down the pipe, out of sight, forever. Oh the heartbreak!

Forty years from now.
I’ll get over it.

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7 thoughts on “Thought 141-Surfing: Joys and Heartbreaks (Part 2)

  1. Totally agree on your take on joys of internet surfing. We wouldn’t have known each other without our enthusiasm to surf endlessly. When I grow grand old daddy, I will tell my grand kids with fond memories..” Brad was my first wordpress buddy and his posts were delightful ”

    I guess I should save up my childhood toys and auction them on ebay a decade later, might well go to fund a Merc 😛

    • Yes, WordPress had a great idea with the buddy program.

      I would love to be able to make a fortune auctioning off my toys, but alas I had a baby brother who enjoyed playing with my stuff to the extreme. Not many of them survived.

      But at least smashing my stuff made him happy. And that’s what toys are for.

    • I am going to check it out, but if I vanish from WordPress soon after, you know it’s because I have been sucked into the vortex of stumbleupon. 🙂

  2. I hate when that happens. And to think……how many seemingly innocent things are in your possession now, that may be worth some big dinero some day?

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