I think sometimes we all need to stop and enjoy the Winter’s night sky, wether we choose to or not.

Stary stary night

Last week, as I made my way across the driveway at work, I seen something that has been a very rare sight over the last two months; stars. With so much rain, drizzle, fog, sleet, cloud cover and overcast this winter, a clear night sky has been very hard to come by.

Ice with attitude

I almost missed seeing the stars that night completely. I was hurryingly making my way into work. A small patch of ice, (which incidentally, seemed to be giving me the finger) was determined to change the direction of my focus from downward to upward.

After a brief fight with the laws of gravity (the law won), I surveyed that amazing night sky from my new vantage point; flat on the broad of my back.

Enjoying the night sky after the spinning stars and tweety birds cleared from my vision.

The January night sky was a beauty to behold.

9 thoughts on “Thought 144: Enjoying the Winter Night Sky Without a Choice

  1. Wonderful Pics Brad.
    I envy people from your part of the world. Nature presents such beautiful sights ( All I seen is in movies and pics online )

    Out here is we just have 1 climate..hot, hotter, hottest 😛

    • There are sometimes,when we have been looking at the snow on the ground for the fifth months in a row, we wish we could experience a climate like yours.

  2. once a scientist told young kids a lot about the stars, the moon, the universe. when he made a break, one child said into the silence: WOW! you’ve been there on all those planets?

    • I’m just glad it wasn’t snowing. People have a tendency to step around snowdrifts in order to avoid getting snow in their boots. I guess someone would have eventually found me in the spring.

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