I think its okay to watch hockey in church, but that doesn’t guarantee that your team is going to win.


 It was two Wednesday’s ago, after the Pastor posted that they would be televising the final game of the World Junior Hockey Championships, that a group of us gathered in the multipurpose room. On the large TV, in high definition, we enjoyed the first two periods of the gold medal game between long time rivals Canada and Russia.

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 There were snacks and treats and munchables as we cheered and clapped each of the the three times Canada blasted the puck past the Russian goal.

During the first intermission food was served in huge amounts. Pizza, garlic fingers and wings were devoured by the group of happy, smiling men. Yet the basket of wings and the boxes of pizza could not seemed to be emptied. (Someone must have blessed them in the kitchen.)

Everybody feasted!


In the third period the Russians seemed to realize there was a hockey game on the go and decided they ought to join in and play. Five goals and twenty minutes later they were celebrating their victory as we were all wondering what had happened while we were going back to the tables for seconds, thirds and fourths, and not paying attention to the ice.

The game may have been a little disappointing (and slightly disturbing at the end) but overall, the night had been quite enjoyable. As far as my knowledge is concerned this was the first time the multipurpose room in the church had been used in such a fashion for such an event.

As we were leaving, all with chicken wings stuffed in our pockets and slabs of pizza tucked under our arms I wondered what the late saints of the church would of thought of such things.

The next morning my curiosity got the better of me and I stopped in the graveyard just to check things out.

Everything appeared fine. Looks like no one was turning over in their graves after all.


6 thoughts on “Thought 145: Hockey in Church

  1. Trust you had a good time ( Pics do tell the story ).
    As of TV and sports at religious places, I guess its the way forward. Everything needs a lil spice and change, trust the saints won’t mind.

    By the way, I don’t understand a thing about Ice hockey. I presume it’s similar to our national sport hockey (played on turf ). Will look forward to exchange few notes on that.

    • Narendra,
      Imagine field hockey watched in fast-forward inside and icebox with the ocassional time-out for a round of boxing or in some rare cases, battle royale wrestling, with an ocassional flying octopus. That would sum up ice hockey.

  2. LOL. I love that you watched hockey in church. I feel sorry for the man without a front tooth though. Yikes!

    • Jesswords10,

      It was a new experience for me. As for the Russian with the missing tooth, don’t feel too bad for him, at least he won a gold medal. (Though, I may have heard that he cracked off another tooth when he tried biting it.)

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