On October 30th, 2008, I think a pact signed in the mist of past deals finally came due.

Primary School from Hell
Epilogue: The Pact Comes Due

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Bullies, death wrecks, bottomless corpse filled bogs, body part eating senior citizens, flayed flesh, sadistic principals, hazing circles, disease ridden second hand needles and a black hole in the basement; this was my primary school. Its amazing any of us made it out alive. I understand now why I had such vivid terrifying nightmares as a child. It probably also explain why I have panic attacks in the mall during Christmas shopping.

Claimed by the Flames

As I sat there that Thursday morning, watching my primary school go up in smoke I wondered if Halloween had not come a day early to the neighbourhood of my youth in a blazing inferno of brimstone and sulphur. Had the school’s Faustian deal come to term? Was the netherworld being dealt its due for some contract inked in blood in shadows past? Was Hades greedily devouring its reward for some unholy bargain, consuming that block of classrooms for the eons of eternity.

Later, news reports would say it was bored adolescents with firebug tendencies.

That may be a far more frightening thing.


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