37 years after my escape from the black hole in my primary school’s basement, I dared stare once again into that hungry maw when I revisited the ruins of the school. I think I am just as scared of it now as I was in 1971.

Primary School from Hell
Chapter Twelve: The Black Hole Revisited

 [Beginning  from]

After the School burned to the ground in 2008, I decided to take come pictures of the aftermath. While taking this picture I realized there was a small window in the foundation to the corridor of blackness. It is circled in red.

Circled in red, the final access point of the Black Hole of GFA

I took a picture from the outside, as the memories of my first encounter of being trapped on that black hole 37 years earlier came flooding back, and I may have imagined the sound of a stomach rumbling.


I realized after  nearly four decades this was my chance to finally learn what was down at this end of that eternal corridor so I stuck my camera inside and flashed a picture excited about what the light would reveal.

The Darkness remains impenetrable.

Unfortunately, a black hole swallows light, and even with a flash the darkness remains impenetrable beyond the first few feet.

I guess some questions I have in life will never be answered.


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