I think only an idiot would willingly enter a black hole just because a pretty girl is watching.

I am such an idiot.

Primary School from Hell
Chapter Eleven: The Black Hole

 [Beginning  from]

I was going to have to face the darkness. Now that the pretty girl in my grade-one class had stood up for me, there was no backing out of this. The guys could call me chicken if they wanted but they all knew how I was brave enough to stick my tongue on the frozen door handle. How could I refuse an act of bravery expected by the prettiest girl in my class.

I was going to have to venture into the black hole in my schools basement just for her. I hoped she would be willing to share her candy with me should I survive.


I soon made my journey to the edge of light and stopped, there was nothing in front but inky blackness, while behind me the sounds of my so called friends dared me to go deeper. I took that one last breath and held it tight. Then I stepped across the threshold to be swallowed by the beyond. The voices behind me dulled as if the darkness absorbed sound as well as the light. Taking another step all sound vanished completely.

I had crossed the veil into a dimension where I was the only inhabitant. My heart pounded and my breathing gasped and although everything was as silent as the grave, it thundered inside my head. I felt dizzy in the darkness but wrapped in blindness it was impossible to tell if anything was spinning. The floor seemed to tilt forward and it felt as if I was sliding deeper into the depths of darkness, even though my mind knew both my feet were planted firmly on the dusty cement floor.

The darkness terrified me and I couldn’t look at it anymore so I shut my eyes tight. That comforted me very little.


I opened my eyes and looked back over my shoulder for one last glimpse of the life I once had. The wide narrow rectangle of light silhouetted the friends I would leave behind, the loves I would never have and the candies that would be shared with someone else when I failed to return from this eternal tunnel of black. Their shadows reminded me of jagged, deformed, wide-gapped teeth. I felt like Jonah staring up from the gullet of the whale. I was being swallowed alive and the faraway mouth of light was closing forever shut behind me.

I was halfway through taking my third step when I determined I was not ready to surrender my life yet to what ever hungered in that darkness. I spun around and faced the entrance back to the living. To my horror it actually did appear to be closing. I started to race back to the light before it shut forever. My feet were moving faster then they ever had in all my short life, but terror clutched my soul when I realized that even though my feet were moving, it seemed I was not. I was running forward yet sliding backwards. It was like that long dark behind me had just experienced its first taste of terrified little boy.

And liked it.

It was determined not going to surrender its morsel easily. At the same time I was adamant not to let the darkness have me and with a final surge of desperation I burst free. Like a rubber band snapping, I exploded out of the opening. A human spitball shot from a straw, I barrelled past my classmates on the steps and unable to halt my momentum, I was halfway across the grey common room floor colliding with a group of second-grade girls, sending a spray of roast chicken potato chips into the air, before I stopped.

Gasping my first breath of light, I jumped when a strong cold hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face the third grade prefect. With his other thumb pointing back over his shoulder, towards the mouth of darkness, he scolded me, “I told you… you’re not allowed in there! I ought to send you to Principal Gillette’s office!”

I almost grabbed him, fell to my knees and pleaded, “Oh yes! Please, yes!”


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