I think into every life some pain must fall. Call me fatalistic if you wish,  but as a princible, I believe when it’s your time for pain; run away all you want, fight it as hard as you can, never quit, but in the end there is no escape. It’s going to hurt.

Primary School from Hell
Chapter Seven: The Pain Principle

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I was quite pleased with my amazing plan to escape punishment from the hand of my primary school principal for being late. I would just simply not go to school. As I walked towards home I began to consider the many possibilities that this strategy could be used in the future. If I had a test I didn’t study for, I would skip school. If my homework assignment was incomplete, I would skip school. When it was time for school pictures, I would skip school. Never again would the school nurse stab me with booster shots or TB test needles, because on that day I would be skipping school. I was almost home and already had plans in place to cut my entire school year by half with this newly discovered technique of skipping school. 

I was smiling through the tears that had now frozen into ice on my checks. I now had the entire afternoon free to do whatever I pleased. It was then my path crossed that of some friends a year younger then me. They were in Kindergarten and only had school in the morning. I explain that I decided I wasn’t going to school that afternoon. They were amazed at my discovery that one could simply walk away from school if one wished. They looked up to me with hero worship and invited me to come with them. They were going sliding on the Trade School Hill, and with the fresh snow after the storm blanketing the slope, sliding was going to be perfect.

Trade School Hill-slope of my downfall

Earlier, during lunch, my mom had told me she would be out to the stores that afternoon. She would have my snowsuit out and ready for me, in case I wanted to go out and play in the snow after school. It’s what we did, in the winter when I was six. We went out and played.  Video games and DVD had not been invented. The TV only had two channels and one of those was showing Coronation Street. We only talked on the phone to see who was going out to play in the snow. The house was empty when I entered. Eagerly, I changed into my snow suit, grabbed my sled and shortly after join my friends at the top of the Trade School Hill, for an afternoon of thrills, spills and chills.

The hill was perfect for sliding and after lots of fun, speed and laughter I soon forgot that I should have been, at that very moment, sitting in class dealing with letters and numbers and learning the educated way of how to use them.

There are many things you really shouldn’t forget. The fact that you should be in school when you’re skipping off is foremost among them.

Mom drove by the sliding hill and I joyfully waved to her. She stopped the car and I happily ran over all smiles with my cheeks all rosy-red.

That evening, after Dad got home from work, it was a different set of cheeks that were rosy-red as I received the belt. I discovered a very important principle concerning pain that day. If the fates have determined to meet out your punishments, its of no use trying to escape your destiny, because no matter how you run it will get you in the end.

It turns out Principal Gillett had been Dad’s principal when he was in grade one as well. I have also since learned that my father had been known to skip off school in his day too. He’d ask to go to the bathroom (which in those ancient days was an outhouse) and never come back. Unfortunately, there was no solidarity between us that night as the belt fell several times and I never skipped classes again… until my last year of high school. After ten years of exemplary attendance I gave into peer pressure and skipped class for the second time ever with a bunch of buddies. We were hitchhiking up the highway.

Mom drove by, and just as I had a decade before, I waved.

She stopped.

You would think I’d be smart enough not to do that again, but I think I skipped the day that was taught in class.


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