I think needles at the dentist are bad enough the first time, facing those needles of steel a second time would be infinately worse.

Primary School from Hell
Chapter Five: Needles of Steel

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 It was in school one day, news was sent back home reporting that some older students were discovered to be rummaging around in the garbage bin of the dental clinic across the street. They were retrieving the Novocain needles, that, back then, were simply tossed out in the trash. What they were doing with the needles I could never figure out; possibly reusing them for self-administered dental surgery? Rumours spread that they were using them to stick other students just watch them go numb. I was told never to let any of the older students give me needles. Yeah, like needles were something I was going to volunteer for.


Walking home, across the back field, one afternoon I found myself surrounded by a large circle of eight mean, angry, laughing, teasing grade threes. I expected any moment for them to each pull a gleaming, needle of stainless steel, glinting in the afternoon sun with dried globs of used anaesthetic dripping from the hollow tips; then, in unison, moving in closer to tightened the circle around me, stab me repeatedly with there steely swords until I was laying on the ground numb head to toe with drool sliding down my chin. Then the laughing, teasing, bunch of bullying grade three students would pounce on me and fill a cavity in my molar.

It was fight or flight. Adrenalin, plus the fear of amateur dentistry can give you amazing velocity.

 They never caught me.


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