I think I may have attended the primary school from Hell.

Sometimes we repress memories of dark and painful things until one day something triggers them off and they come flooding back almost overwhelming us. It happened to me several years ago when I watched the school I attended burn to the ground. I realized something I did not understand at the time of my childhood. Over the next week I’ll share my experiences of those long passed times of darkness, but, will you be brave enough to read them?



The day before Halloween, 2008, my primary school went up in smoke. Thirty seven years too late for me to really appreciate it. All those fire drills; marching out single file, standing in rows in the cold, being head counted-all that practice for naught, because, when the school finally decided to burn it had already been abandoned for years. Most of my primary school education happened in the block of classrooms on the back of Grand Falls Academy, the big white school on Lincoln Road. Kindergarten and Grade one were on the main floor with second grade upstairs on the upper floor. My memories of life there are scattered and few just flashes of different moments and images of vague events. It wasn’t till that Thursday morning, as, from a distance, I watched orange-black balls of flame bursting out of charred twisted windows frames that I remembered. Seeing soot-slicked smoke of toxic blackness billowing from holes in the roof, triggered long unused switches in my brain.  As my primary school heritage was reduced to wet soot, charred rubble and cancerous ash, forgotten memories came flooding into my consciousness. It was as if the prison walls in my brain, repressing those memories once sealed deep in that long dark place, burned to the ground along with my school, allowing those forgotten remembrances to stand once again in the sunlight.

I recalled, in horrid detail, primary school had been a terrifying place.


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