I Think this first day of 2011 is a good time to reflect and rethink some of the thoughts of 2010.

A Countdown of the 12 Most View Thoughts I had In The Past Year.

#12 – Thought 179: Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Roy Thompson Hall =When 3 months of practice for the Hallelujah  Chorus goes horribly wrong.

#11-Thought 205: People in the Broadcast Industry are Mischievous=When your TV is on the Fritz it may not actually be your TV’s fault.

#10-Thought 192:Winter is Coming, Deal With It =Surviving Winter—or at least the hilly parts covered in snow.

#9-Thought 175: Blowing the Dream (Living the Dream Trilogy I)-In a life or death situation, sometimes you need to just stop and think.

#8-Thought 204: I Can Be Thrifty-How a cheapskate would once save money at Subway.

#7-Thought 198: The World Has Changed Since I Was a Sheet of Paper-It’s all different since I last trick or treated.

#6-Thought 195: Be Careful What I Think-Using the power of my mind I can make plungers appear.

#5-Thought 203: Why I Don’t Work Out-I am not as crazy as my sister.

#4-Thought 184: Hideous Results from an Eagerness to Please-If your willing to give a practical joke you also have to be willing to take one.

#3-Thought 183: Relationship With a Dead Girl Doomed-Dating beyond the grave seldom works.

#2-Thought 186: Running Down the Premier with my Car-My part in making Newfoundland prosperous.


#1-(TIE)-Thought 193: Lip Care is Important-Gayle at 3rd Falls

#1-(TIE)-Thought 200: Poor Customer Service Makes Me Passive-Agressive-My future adventures in past time-travel today.


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