I think I’ll share some random snippets of conversations experienced this past holiday week-end.


In the Mall during the penultimate Christmas shopping day:

Bruce (passing me in the crowds): Shouldn’t you be home writing up more blogs?

Me (realizing Bruce was passing me in the crowds): I have to appear in public sometimes, even if  its just to get my story ideas.


Christmas Eve at Kentucky Fried Chicken Picking up Chicken for everyone at work

Me (Alone, placing my order): I would like a 15 piece bucket meal please.

Cashier (Looking like he should be in grade 7): Will that be eat-in or take out?

Me (Looking around): That had better be take out, I don’t think I’ll be able to eat 15 pieces of chicken sitting in.


Gas Station in Botwood on Christmas Eve

Cashier (who always tries to sell you more then you want scanning my one Can of Sprite in his hand): Would you like a cofee or tea with that?

Me (thirsty): No thanks, you have the only beverage I want in your hand, and the sooner you scan it the sooner I’ll enjoy it.


On MSN Chat Christmas Eve

Me (Surprising a friend by typing an unexpected question): What ya get me 4 Christmas?

Online MSN Friend: (Typing back in response to my unexpected question):  ummm… nothin

Me (typing): perfect 🙂 i got just enough room left on my shelf for that … lol


Gas Station Convience Store in Grand Falls Christmas Morning

Me (Opening the Door): Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas

Cashier (Sweeping the Floor in the corner): I don’t know if its that merry, having to work today.

Me: Your not alone, I am on my way to work myself.

Cashier: Well, me and you must be the only ones having to work today.

Me: Every year someone has to make sure the world runs normally while everyone celebrates Christmas. This year that responsibility falls on us.

Cashier (under her breath as I leave): Oh God, help us.


7AM Boxing Day on the Parent’s Veranda in the pre-dawn darkness

Me:(dancing in my sock and singing) It’s Dry! It’s Dry! The rain has stopped! It’s Dry.

Mom (fearing the neighbours might see): Stop that!


At Work, two days after Christmas, watching Airplane on a dying TV.

Old Lady (noticing the young man fidgeting as the plane begins to taxi onto the runway): Nervous?

Young Man (nervously): Yes, yes I am.

Old Lady: Is it your first time?

Young Man: Oh no mam, I have been nervous before.



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