I think I may be a little twisted, but this happens to be my favorite rendition of Oh Come All You Faithful. Something about a Heavy Metal Rock Band calling the faithful to worship Christ the Lord warms me tremendously inside. (Some may think that’s the hellfires at work.)


If you are offended by public exhaultations to celebrate the birth of the world’s Saviour, Jesus Christ, please watch with the volume off.

Do not click this Picture if lyrics about Christ the Lord offends you.

If you are offended by the sight of a fully clothed woman dancing, please watch with your eyes closed.


If you are offended by the sight of a fully clothed man dancing, please watch while staring at a wall.


If you are offended by the sight of a fully clothed man made up as a woman dancing please watch from another room.

“Look! Look! Great Choirs of Angels!”

If my thoughts offend you, run! Run away now! I still have 167 more to go!

Complain all you want, I can’t hear a thing in this hair dryer.

You have been warned.

O COME ALL YE FAITHFUL   By Twisted Sister

This is your last chance to back out!

 If not…Click here. (complete video)

Watch the shortened edition below.(much shorter then expected…I guess you’ll just have to click the link above after all)



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