I think in a perfect  world all rushing would be done.

Ho Ho Hold on tight!!!!

My Christmas rush is done!

And this year I didn’t have to wait behind that little old lady who always has trouble figuring out how to use her debit card only to then have to wait for a price check because the one pair of baby socks that she picked up happens to be the one pair of baby socks that has no price tag. After standing behind this lady for the last four Christmas rushes in a row I was surprised not to see her in the line up at Wal-Mart this year. (That’s probably because she was in the line-up at the grocery store and after five years still cant remember how to enter her pin number)

I did have the interesting experience of standing in line behind several new types of customers this year. There was the drunk, who keep shouting for the entire store to hear that he didn’t know if his debit card would have enough money to buy the nintendo ds game cartridge in his had.

Then there was obsessive compulsive guy in front of me with a flower earring and shell bracelet on his wrist who turned and started telling me the running times, in minutes, of every newly released DVD on the shelves. Looking at the DVD he held in his hand to check its length he didn’t know if he would have time to watch this new movie. In my mind I was wondering, if you cant watch it why are you buying it. He then proceeded to show me his dead watch battery.
I was rescued from the time obsessed man by an infant in the arms of his blonde hair mother standing behind me and  tugging on the collor of my coat calling me da da.

After paying,  my mind was spinning, and so was the rest of me as I spun out of the store, quite possible setting off the security detectors.

But… My Christmas rush is done!

For Last Year. 😦
(I wrote this post a year ago)
Unfortunately this is not a perfect world and my Christmas rush for 2010 is not yet done, soon I will have face the check out line again. I hope that little old lady remembers her debit card pin number this year.

One thought on “Thought 169: In a Perfect World All Rushing is Done

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